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I want to buy all male cr sets! Pm me if u sell!
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Ideas < Virtual Popstar
clothing archive
National star

where you can sort by designer n shit
press sets and then see individual items 

so i dont have to try n look through 10 k wardrobes to find 1 pair of shoes lol
International star

god that would be great
International star

Well you can just sort it by color. If only you could also sort it by type, like boots, or by name maybe?
National star

i liek this idea bc i always end up going to the designers wardrobe to find some items lol and then theyre closed and im like nooo :-( 
i think a whole archive of everything would be so interesting anyway, i keep coming across items ive never even seen before!!! 
but then on the same note, technically in the game statistics part you can find soooome in the clothing bit but thats only like 100 of them i think
International star

Yes!! I know exactly how you feel. 
International star

good idea
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