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SMT: (CLOSED) Daily Christmas Raffle
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SMT - DAILY CHRISTMAS RAFFLE (1st - 25th December)

Our team accounts have some extra copies of items/sets from our previous competitions, and we decided to spread the joy and give them away to you guys!

Every day there will be a new raffle (for both females and males) with a new prize.


- Join by writing your username in this thread within the time period of the raffle 

- Females are allowed to win once (unless stated otherwise) throughout the event, while males can win a maximum of two times. This is because we want to give the chance of winning to as many people as possible. 

- The prizes are sent from SocialMedia (Female) or SocialMediaTeam (Male) accounts.
You need to be at least YouTube Star so we can send you a sales offer

- You can only participate on your main account - if we find out you're joining on multiple accounts, we will disqualify you from the event. 


Thank you to everybody that participated in this giveaway!!

Good luck everyone, and remember to spread some positivity! 
Youtube star

Here we will keep track of who has won & what prizes were given out each day.
** = Doesn't count as win, since there were multiple copies given out

1/12:  WINNERS: Delphi & Snusmumrikken

2/12**WINNERS: buni, NixieFae, UncleRob, Jojjo, ccelestia, Mely, Pearlnet, ravoss, Arsinoe and Maarty, NobodyRaphael, Leo, Azriel, Kurokei 

3/12:  WINNERS: December and Maarty
4/12:  WINNERS: RedCrate, GothickSama, Slater (female set split into three) and Melk
5/12:  WINNERS: Eis and CAZZINO
6/12:  WINNERS: Kidakakash and Vig
7/12: WINNERS: fem: Mistyxq , Male: Leo
8/12:** WINNERS: Diabolic, Godis, Sharleeen, Enny, Liilian, Dazzle, Eek, Sirenita, Vuitton, Ezreal, Maarty, Kurokei, Absolute, Azriel
9/12: WINNERS: Near, Noctuan, Vuitton, Josten and Holic
10/12:  WINNERS: Obliviate & Maxwell 
11/12: (** females WINNERS: AcaciaOnyx, Hazelnut, NotYourDoll, Harness and River
12/12:{option}{option}Winners: Nesta & Snusmumrikken
13/12: (** males Winners: Fillory & Godis and Creepypasta, Mjom, Azriel & Toraix
14/12:  Winners: Skraemmende & Josten
15/12: (** females)WINNERS: AcaciaOnyx and Creepypasta
17/12: (**males) Winners: F: Wuwu , Iriss M: River, Mjom, toraix, creepypasta, absolute
18/12:Winners: Unterwasserblume & Ezreal
20/12 Winners: Fayy, Josiii & CAZZINO
21/12: (**males & females{option}{option} Winners: F: TheWayfaringStranger & Arsian M: TrashyTrash, Vuitton, & Toraix
22/12: (** both)      FW:  Eis, Sirenita, Siri, Laboratory, Nimmi   MW: Teabag, Creepypasta, Josten, Kieren, Sinner
23/12:      and  
FW: Ruiner, Eppuska, Ouch MW: River, Cardboard, Azriel
24/12:        and      FW: PinkSaint, Misdreavus, Ritual, TroubleMaker  MW: Virulentia, TrashyTrash, Leo, Josten, Virulentia, Sinner
25/12:    and     FW: Gravitation, Ainsley, Laboratory, Elowyn MW: Melk, Teabag, Vig
Youtube star

~ FAQ ~

Q: How many winners there will be?
A: It depends on how many copies of the item/set we have. Sometimes it can be just one, but other times there could be 5+ winners!

Q: When exactly do the raffles start?
A: It varies each day, depending on when the host can start it. So, make sure to keep an eye on this thread!

Q: When are the daily winners announced / prizes given out?
A: It again depends on when the host can do it, but most likely it will be before the next raffle begins. 

Q: Can I join if I already own the item/set?
A: No, you're not allowed to join if you already have it. There's no point in joining if you'd only sell the extra copy afterwards. However, if there's a full set as a prize and you only own parts of it, you're allowed to join that raffle.

Q: when it says once throughout the event does that mean if i win today i wont be able to win any future daily raffles this month?
A: Correct. Though there may be raffles you can join, if, say, we have more than 1 copy in the wardrobe

Q: So if I write my username now, I am signed up for the current set only? So if I want something else I need to wait until that day to write it or?
A: Yes (for both questions). You need to come back & write your username every day you want to join the raffle.

Youtube star

You have three hours to join the current raffle. If you don't join in time, don't worry - the next raffle will start tomorrow! Good luck everyone xx

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Queen of Pop

If you guys have any questions, feel free to post them here or mail any SMT member.  Some questions & answers were already written in the FAQ post, hopefully it makes things clearer <3
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laboratory !
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