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ET: Unus Annus
National star

Grab a friend and get ready, it's time for a pair dress up competition!
For this competition you and a friend will need to dress as opposites, Unus and Annus.
The one depicting Unus most use black as their main color,
while the one depicting Annus must use white.
The main color should be most of the clothes, but other colors can be used for hair, accessories
and skin.


This gorgeous set designed by F444!
Males can choose 200cr or to claim the fem set on a side account.

No side accounts.
Do not edit your post. If you want to change your submission, delete your original post and make a new one.
´╗┐ You can use someone else's wardrobe as long as you have their permission and include their name in your submission.
One of the people in the pair posts both of your outfits in one post. Make sure to include both of the contestants names.
It must be clear what your main color is (black or white), and you and your partner must have different main colors (No Unus Unus or Annus Annus)

Please get your submissions in before 27th May 23:59 CEST

Lore for people that are interested
(Reading not required for this competition)
Unus Annus means "one year" in latin. This was the name of a youtube channel created by Markiplier and Crankgameplays made and posted to every day for a year, just to delete the whole channel at the one year mark. This was to show that nothing lasts forever and to "memento mori", also latin, which translates to "remember death". Ethan (Crankgameplays) represented Unus who was dressed in all black, while Mark (Markiplier) represented Annus who was dressed in all white.
National star

Open wardrobes:
- Kaito
- RedCrate
- Caprisun
- Ausma
International star

Cool concept

Wd is free to use c:
World famous

Reminder while I search for a partner
National star

I want that set

@Sofia let do this again, its been a while
World famous

aiko wrote:
@Sofia let do this again, its been a while
@aiko let's go! 
Living legend

My heart ­čśş
International star

i want a partner 
Princess of Pop

haha anus
National star

whydoiexist wrote:
haha anus
World famous

I need a partner!
World famous

god i miss unus annus 
Queen of Pop

Anyone want to team up let me know! I'm fine with both black and white so feel free to choose whichever you want to do.

Edit; I've found someone.
Youtube star

need a partner tho, hmu 
World famous

kaito wrote:

I`m afraid I have no idea what it is and who they are. My WD is available. Not sure if I`ll search the partner, bc at first I should learn something about that
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