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rant about my sister
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this started out as a small thing and but then i just kept writing lol sorry
my sister (31F) is knitting me mittens for christmas, she asked what i wanted for xmas and that's what i asked for since knitting is a hobby of hers

and generally my sister complains to me about everything, i am her free therapist / dumping bucket for bad feelings and problems, that's just how our relationship is

but today she texted me complaining about how difficult it is to knit the mittens for me and everything is going to hell, she's having to go through so much trouble and the mittens are gonna go to shit or something. and i'm like ???? DUDE
pleaSE can you not fucking make feel bad about the christmas gift you're giving me. good god. if you didn't want to knit me mittens you could've just said so. like, how does even your christmas present to me become my problem and something i have to comfort you about?? how?! why

hhh i'm just so done
she keeps bombarding me with her problems every day and making me worry about her but she won't do anything to fix things, sometimes it's her kids on the line and i have to get worried sick and try to talk her into taking action bc she won't do anything otherwise and seriously bad things might happen
i'm so tired of being worried about her / her kids and having to deal with all her problems i'm so tired

idk how to fix this
i've tried to talk to her about it before but she got so mad at me and guilt tripped me like "i guess you want me to die then" and so on so that's a useless effort.... it was better for a while after that argument because she wasn't talking to me much but now she's back to bombarding me with her problems every day and i'm so tired of it
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hit her with the
are you in the headspace to receive information that will potentially hurt you?
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i just completely ignore ppl when they do like that
like eventually theyll either see the pattern or just cut them selves off from me that way
idk it works for me
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Toriel wrote:
hit her with the
are you in the headspace to receive information that will potentially hurt you?
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