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tales by light
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have you seen the newest season? they have about children in the slums on S3E1-2. sorta worth a watch.

it's called "verden belyst" in norwegian btw.
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whole of season 3 looks like a gem.
2 first episodes are about children in poverty and child labor
the 2 nxt are about the ocean
the 2 last are about indigenous Australian culture
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mangroves are so cool
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also mantarays
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learning about other old\indigenous cultures always leaves me like : /
because what culture do norway have rly?
like we have parts of the old norse vikings but ppl are literally quitting wanting to be related to it because it still is so heavily associated with Nazism. We have sami people ofc. but I don't think any of my ancestors had any ties to them.

this also explains why I'm doing viking-age stuff. Like yeah they did a lot of shit, but they also helped connect the world on good and bad and their basic values are not bad ones. They are values found in literally the majority of religions today and it is a nature-religion so the connection to nature is always something precious 
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The episodes about the ocean are actually somewhat positive
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