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Moistruizing a scab/wound

Can it b done w regular moistruizer, I haven't put a bandage or anything on it 
I have a big ass scrape right above my knee (like the top layer of skin is just gone) and it hurts so bad every time I change my leg angle right, so when I stretch my foot out it hurts and when I bend it it hurts wand when I try to walk after sitting down for a while I look like an old man and its not very sexy, honestly 

I usually use a bacimycin salve and then some gasbind over just to make sure

Kouhai wrote:
I usually use a bacimycin salve and then some gasbind over just to make sure
I should probably put smth over it but im broke n also not very worried I guess cus im already on antibiotics for infections I had in other wounds so I guess the chance is lower that smth will happen 
Might see if I can find the brulidine cream I have tho but I put some regular moistruizer on there (a lot) n it feels kind of better now, but I guess it will dry out again in not that long tho 
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