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im suffering bc of college help
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I wanna go to college for so many things like
Web Design
Crime Scene Investigator
 like I just wanna do all of these things but do I have to finish one thing at a time or....
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college is suffering...

there might be some overlap between classes so you could double major or pick up some minors.

also, many degrees don't meet the required number of credits to graduate so would have time to pick up some for fun classes in between. classes for one may be option for general education requirements so that could help smoosh some more in

maybe you could focus on some parts with other parts. i mean, like web design for food related topics or analyzing web design/nerdy stuff like that in CSI stuff.

if you really have no idea, taking a few classes could help you narrow down what you do or don't want to do. Any chances for iternships or shadowing are also very helpful for you to learn practically what you do or don't want to do. or even some employment opportunities?

maybe taking some career aptitude tests/talking to advisors would help if you really cannot figure out what you want to do either. some interests may be better relegated to hobbies or local for fun type classes. web design for example you can find many websites to learn it yourself or with friends

good luck! 
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American college or uk college
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Do one where it is easy to find work afterwards 
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