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omg my birthday is in 3 days
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SMT: Applications 2020
Youtube star

This is the time you've been waiting for! We need new members!

The Social Media Team is in charge of promiting VP on social media, and we also host competitions for existing users. The team is split into five groups: The layouters, Facebook team, Instagram team, Tumblr team and Twitter team. The layouters are in charge of creating the vitual content needed for the social media pages, and the Page Managers are in charge of posting to the social media pages and host events.

We are now in need of some new members, and have decided to hold applications again. You are welcome to apply by sending your application to the @SocialMedia account. The topic should be: "Application" 

You have from today (14th of September) until Sunday 27th of September 11:59 CEST to apply. 
That gives you two weeks to get your application in!
Check what time it is in the CEST timezone HERE.

If you have any questions regarding the applications, feel free to post here in this forum or PM an SMT member!

We look forward to reading all of your applications. Best of luck!

Positions Available:
Facebook Page Manager x2
Instagram Page Manager x1
Layouter x2 

Application Form
Amount of time approximately spent on VP each week:
Which position(s) are you applying for?:
What makes you suitable for these positions?:
What ideas do you have for SMT?:
Is there anything else we need to know about you? (Work, school, or a general schedule you keep is important):
**If applying for the layouter position complete a small portfolio consisting of at least 3 layouts/pictures and include them in your application.**

Please answer the following scenarios and send them along with your application:

1) A mod tells you that a number of sides have entered your event. What would you do about the situation, and what steps would you take to help minimize the chances of it happening in the future?

2) Moss was supposed to have a layout ready before Tuesday for the Raffle to go live. It is now Tuesday, and nothing has been posted, causing the event to be affected and delayed.
She has been online all morning on VP, but hasn't said anything in the Discord about her absence.
What would you do?

3) Someone is complaining in the "Who Wore It Best" thread that the same people win every month, and that the event must be rigged. They also complain there's never enough winners and that the items are too low ig. This is starting to cause a bit of an uproar as several other users chime in. There's also a seperate forum created where people are asking for actions to be taken. What would you do to defuse the situation?

4) Someone you have never seen before messages you on one of the VP social media pages. They have found your page and wanted to know more about the site and why you use it.
What would you say to the person to try and get them to make a user and stick around?

5) You've been in the team for a few months, and you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed about events in your real life which has led to you spending less time on team activities, and struggle to contribute properly. What would you do in this situation?

Youtube star


- Will there be a bootcamp?
- YES. We will be hosting a bootcamp.

- Can I apply for more than one position?
- Yes, but you will only be entered for one position if you should make the bootcamp, so you should tell us which position you prefer the most.

- Why aren't there more spots?
- SMT is already a very large team, and we have had a very slight decline in members since last year, which is why there aren't more spots open.  
Minister of Pop

The time has come! 
Youtube star

Exciting times ahead 
Minister of Pop

Am I allowed to apply again? 🥺🥺

Oh nice, but not for me hehe
Princess of Pop

omg, I’ve been waiting for this! 
Princess of Pop

Ahh should i apply??

Aphrodite wrote:
Ahh should i apply??
Princess of Pop

Aphrodite wrote:
Ahh should i apply??
Let’s apply together 
World famous

i wouldve thought of applying but my answers to all those questions would just be "idk wait for someone else to do something i hate confrontation"
International star

Exciting! I might apply 

Bump! exciting to see who will apply and be selected (: 

bones wrote:
i wouldve thought of applying but my answers to all those questions would just be "idk wait for someone else to do something i hate confrontation"
Same I hate those kinds of questions aaaa

Exciting! Being on smt must include a lot of work. Thanks everyone for the hard work! :tongue:
Queen of Queens

Good luck to everyone applying!
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