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SMT: Fall Design Event
Youtube star

Hi everyone! 
It's that time again. Another design event from SMT.
We are looking to fill up our design storage with some amazing fall/winter themed sets.

We're looking for high-quality male and female designs to use in
competitions and as codes across our Social Media pages. 

Think you want to have a go? Read on!

♦ The set can be either male or female
♦ Each set submitted to us must have a hair, skin, top & bottoms / dressshoes
and at least two accessories.
♦ You should, of course, follow ALL other existing design rules. See here.
♦ If you wish to receive the OPPOSITE gender set - please read the info below. 

♦ Send all sets to the SocialMedia account.
You should do this via PM. You must include the set image along with ALL individual items.
♦ These individual items should be png files and the correct size.
Failure to send individual items in the correct format will result in your submission being invalid.
♦ Don't send converts of the set to DT/another team.
This includes things such as matching male and female sets.

♦ 200 credits will be given to useable sets.
You can receive the credits only once.

♦ Our favourite sets will receive a set reward,
special sets from Bones, Rhinestone & Petal! 

You can attempt to get these sets for both yourself and friends!
If submitting for a friend, simply mention who you want the prize for in your
submission message to the SocialMedia account.

You can also receive BOTH sets, one for your main and side account by creating two designs.

Please note: We are equally interested in female and male designs. If you are designing for friends or want both prizes, consider making a female and male design.

Deadline: November 30th, 23:59 UTC

Youtube star

Question & Answers!

Does it have to be fall/winter themed?
It's not a requirement - we will accept your set if it meets our quality requirements, but it would be great to have sets fitting for the season!

What does "high quality" mean?
This can be difficult to define objectively, but for us, a high quality set would have the following traits:     
- Well-rendered, shaded items, with clean outlines     
- Creative/unique items (consider if the item you've made already exists on vp, like basic black jeans, or if its something new)     
- Well thought out items (pattern/texture work, detailing, etc)
For some examples, feel free to check out our social medias for competition or raffle sets SMT has used in the past!
You can find all of the sets that so far has been accepted for the set reward here

 If I get the set reward, does that mean my set will be used for a competition/raffle?
The set will be rewarded to submissions considered fitting for competition usage, but receiving the set reward does not guarantee that your set will be used for a competition rather than a code.

 Can I get the set multiple times/can I get both the male and female set?
You can get the set reward for yourself once, for both male and female, by submitting two high-quality sets. You can submit more sets and get the reward for friends as many times as you want.

  Can I submit a converted set?
Yes, you can make matching male and female sets and get rewarded for both.

 Are collabs allowed?
Yes, collabs are allowed, however, only one user can recieve the prize. Make sure to mention who the prize should be sent to, and who made what. 

 When will I get the reward(s)?
When you submit a set, SMT will get back to you within a few days, and we will let you know whether or not it qualifies for the set reward (giving you a chance to revise your submission set if you're aiming to get the set reward). 

 Can I recolor one of my old ig designs?
You can, but it has to appear to be a new, original design. Therefore if you choose to recolor your old designs, it cannot be a complete recolored copy of the old design. 

Can I cancel my entry?
Yes, if you haven't been rewarded already.

Whilst purchasing from a designer is allowed, SMT take no responsibility in monitoring this. We strongly advise that sets are approved for the prize prior to any payment being madeEven if you are buying off of a designer who has designs in game, that does NOT mean their design will be rewarded with the set so please be careful in this. 
Youtube star

Minister of Pop

bonestone rhinebones my beloved
Living legend

...... Damn u and your skin requirement grr 
Living legend

Also wait, so even if the set would be usable, its not 100% that you'll get the set reward? 
Minister of Pop

Teabag wrote:
Also wait, so even if the set would be usable, its not 100% that you'll get the set reward? 
It's the same as last time; those sets that SMT consider to be of higher quality will receive the set reward
King of Pop

Teabag wrote:
Also wait, so even if the set would be usable, its not 100% that you'll get the set reward? 
if it helps, the set you submitted last time was of fantastic quality and would receive the set prize 

love the sets but unfortunately would not be able to take part, good luck guys

Ugh, I can't make hair and skins!!

So does the set need to be autumn/winter themed?
Minister of Pop

Living legend

I am looking hi besties
International star

eye eye forcing me to do labour 
National star

thank u smt for not making me do 18273647389 sets again 
Living legend

Rhinestone wrote:
thank u smt for not making me do 18273647389 sets again 
doesn't stop you from taking commisssions hahahsahahah
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