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i wish i have more, friends in vp
Youtube star

Can u be my friend?

i like humor 

I will send you many different memes on your birthday and gifs

I congratulate you on every outfit because you are so gorgeous

I chill, and I do not cause make any drama

maybe i'm not very rich or good but i still know something !!

and try to make you smile at least it is a bad day
International star

Aw you seem really friendly. 
International star

I barely know anyone here :c so hello, my name is vanesa, how are you?
International star

i can be your friend
World famous

id love to be your friend!!!!
International star

i will be your friend : )
Youtube star

I will too :)  memes always brighten my day
International star

I have no vp friends. They all quit, haha. I'm always down to make more!  :-)
National star

I'll be your thunder buddy :3 
Youtube star

i too want a meme buddy
National star

I am a pretty funny person, and love memes and gifs. I also don't make any drama. (I have a sister who does though). I am sure that we can be really great friends!
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