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Below we have provided a list of Virtual Popstar rules. When reading these, please keep in mind that breaking any of these rules multiple times, even when a warning isn’t provided as the first consequence, a warning will eventually be given. If found to break the same rule a second time, a timeout will automatically be given. It is also important to understand that Record Labels are also moderated and the same rules apply.

Virtual Popstar aims to create a safe and healthy community for users to come and express themselves through conversation and clothes. For these reasons, we ask you to not share any personal information. This includes addresses, phone numbers, full name, or the password to your account. You are allowed to share social media and selfies. Sharing these personal details is at your own risk, Virtual Popstar is not responsible. We also ask you to not use Virtual Popstar as an online dating website.


Swearing - Swearing is permitted on Virtual Popstar as long as it is not done in these locations: 
Thread & Blog Titles - The swear word will be removed or replaced within threads. Blog owners will be messaged and given a limited time amount un order to change the title.
Shouts - Removed resulting in the loss of 5 credits.
Usernames - Usernames that contain swear words, even censored, will be messaged and given a 24hr period to change their name before they are banned.

Swearing is also not allowed when directed at other players in a malicious way. Doing so, will result in a warning.

It is important to remember that these locations and instances show up on the front page, and it may be off-putting to people viewing the site for the first time. Censoring or abbreviation of swear word in any way, will also not be tolerated in these locations.

English is the main language on this server of Virtual Popstar. If you would like to write something in another language, please remember to provide an English translation within the same post that clearly transcribes what is being said. You are NOT allowed to speak any other language besides English in these locations:

Public Forums - If found to be speaking another language a moderator will post a reminder that a translation must be included. If the user(s) still fail to obey this rule, an official warning will be given.

Shouts - A shout will be removed if it has been posted in another language thus resulting in the loss of 5 credits.

Banners - Banners with foreign language are allowed as long as they are not inappropriate.

Blogs - The user will be asked to remove the blog or provide a translation within a limited time-frame.

*Please note that you are allowed to speak in another language within Startalk and designated Record Labels.

Inappropriate usernames with sexual content, profanity of any kind, references to substance use, terrorism or discrimination are not permitted. Accounts with inappropriate usernames will be given a period of 24 hours for the username to be changed, failure or refusal to change the name will result in the account being banned.

Advertisement of other websites or products is not allowed. If found to advertise any of these things, the thread will be closed and the links will be removed. Discussions of other websites are permitted, however no direct advertisement is allowed within the forum.

Discords: Discords are allowed to be shared if they have a set theme or interest. General VP chat discords aren't permitted due to past off-site bullying, however discords with a set purpose such as designings etc. are allowed.

Advertisement can include but is not limited to: posting a direct link to a website or recruiting team members for another website. If a website already has an official thread, the thread will be closed and a direct link to the official will be provided. 

Virtual Popstar aims to be a welcoming environment for everyone. While we understand discussions of mental health cannot be avoided, we do not allow for it do be done in an injurious matter. Therefore, it is not allowed to discuss suicide or make suicide threats, discuss or diagnose other's mental health or make speculations on a user's diagnosis on threads.

Topics regarding suicide can be made in MCS to ask for support but should not go into detail. In the “General” section of threads, there is a thread that provides hotlines. Taking into consideration these things, please understand phrases such as “I wish I was dead’ are not suicide threats when located in the “General” section therefore please identify the differences before reporting. It is also not allowed to spread disinformation or propaganda, such as conspiracy theories, that could be seen as dangerous or discriminating due to it aiding in the harmful effects on other’s mental health. While discussing things such as conspiracy theories is allowed, it is important that it is done in a civil manner and does not promote harmful content. Doing any of these things will result in a forum being closed and hotlines provided. Depending on what has been said will also be a determining factor on if individuals will receive a warning or timeout for their comments.

Virtual Popstar does not take lightly to the act of bullying or harassment of others. Bullying includes but is not limited to name calling, making fun of another player, attacking/ganging up on another player, calling out another player, sharing personal information of another player, spreading rumors, spreading documents both new and old, and posting a message or startalk of another user without their consent. Taking screenshots of other users' forum posts to make fun of them is also considered bullying, even if their name is censored. As a function of obtaining a manager, your account will have the ability to make polls on threads. If you have this function, you are responsible for what you say. Polls that are created should not be made to target a user (e.g. ask whether or not a person should delete their account) or as a way to obtain votes to commit any type of self harm.  

Harassment includes but is not limited to: following a user to multiple threads when they have asked you to stop, constantly begging for popdollars or credits, creating an account to continuously spread drama of another player, sending a user a suggested look or money transfer that includes a hurtful message after you have been asked to leave them alone. Doing any of these things will result in an automatic warning and or thread closure. If found to be spreading rumours and or documents through the use of a thread, private message, or startalk one will receive an automatic timeout.

Malicious comments directed at any specific race, culture, religious group, beliefs, genders will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic warning. The use of words or phrases that have a history of being offensive/derogatory to people of a specific race, ethnicity, LGBTQ+ community, the disabled or any other affiliation is not permitted by anyone. The only exception to the rule would be if you're having a discussion about the origin of a word, but it should not be used to refer to any person on the site or posted in a quote where it can be seen as being directed towards someone. Doing so, will result in an automatic warning.

If you are caught cheating, you risk receiving a warning, timeout, or banishment due to the severity of actions presented. Cheating may include but is not limited to:
 - Using bots/side accounts to get promotion points
- Hacking and asking for passwords/logging on to another users account
- Manipulating and abusing glitches within the game
- Using side accounts to enter multiple times in team competitions
- Sharing or claiming multiple voucher codes without permission  
- Tactical voting/voting for yourself in Fashion Contest to win
- Obtaining multiple HOF sets on side accounts. You are able to play for multiple sets on your main via the classic games and the weekly top 10 HOF spots. The use of side accounts to obtain more sets is not permitted
- Using a side account to take up more than one spot on the classic game top 10 list or the HOF list

Virtual Popstar does not allow the posting of misleading or inappropriate links. Examples of this include jumpscares, fake LE codes, or a link to a website that is against Virtual Popstar’s rules. Posting content like this will result in the image, falsified code, or link to be removed.  

Spamming is not permitted. Spamming is the act of posting the same message multiple times or posting in quick succession within a limited time frame. *Please note that spamming is not having a conversation with several people within a thread. It is important to keep in mind to only make three posts in a row and then wait ten minutes to post again. Some examples of spamming may be but are not limited to:  

Bumping old threads - A good rule of thumb is to not bump any thread more than a week old. Threads older than this, if bumped, will be closed. *Note that if the creator of the thread bumps up a thread, it will not be closed.  
Spreading chain letters - Creating multiple threads or shouts about the same topic - one example being, making multiple threads begging for popdollars or credits.  
Text with no meaning - creating threads or messages that contain one random letter or a multitude of random ones (ex: asdfsadf). Posts like these provide no content and are just spam.  

If found to be spamming, the individual will first receive a verbal warning. Depending on the severity of what has been spammed, one may receive an official warning.

Virtual Popstar aims to keep the community safe. Therefore we do not allow users to sell items for real currency, for another sites currency or allow users to beg for popdollars and/or credits. If you are found to be selling items such as art, or any other item for real currency or another sites currency through a thread or private message you will be warned or timed-out depending on how great the offense. If you have been found to have bought an item for real money or another sites currency, you will receive a warning. All threads made selling items for real currency or another sites currency will be closed and informally warned. 

This rule has been put into place in order to prevent users from being scammed. Individuals who make threads begging for popdollars and or credits will also be closed. *Note that asking for a donation is not begging. If you are found to be scamming through screenshots, you will receive a timeout. Scamming includes but is not limited to: posing as a new member in order to receive popdollars or credits or not holding up your end of a trade agreement. In instances where a trade is involved, the scammer will have 24 hours to return the item/credit/popdollars. If they fail to do so, they risk banishment. 

Discussion of any of these subjects is not allowed in the General Section of the threads. If you would like to discuss these topics in a rule abiding way it is suggested to join the Mature Content Section Record Label.  

Sexual Content: If found to post sexual content such as nudity or erotica through the form of photo, gif, drawing, or design (genitalia or nipples) one will receive an automatic timeout. Sexual content through the discussion of detailed descriptions and experiences will result in a closed thread or removal of the comment.  

Drugs:  Discussion or glorification of drugs and drug-use is strictly prohibited. Illegal drugs known as ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, etc. that are mind altering or have harmful effects will not be allowed for discussions. Marijuana will be allowed for discussion but topics should not go in detail or glorify the usage. Participating in a discussion of these subjects will result in a closed thread or a warning depending on the harmful discussion.

Violence: Violence such as gore/graphic images is not permitted. The discussion of current affairs such as war is permitted provided graphic images and/or unsettling images are not posted. Posting of these graphic images will result in an automatic timeout.  

Self-harm: Discussion of self-harm in a positive light, asking for, or showing images of self-harm is not permitted. Virtual Popstar is a supportive site and promotion of damaging behaviour is not permitted. Posting self-harm images will result in the image being removed and a warning. If found to glorify or support the act of self-harming one will also receive a warning. Threads made about discussion of self-harm will also be closed.

Flashing images: Flashing images can trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy, cause migraine and make others feel unwell. Therefore, flashing images is prohibited to make sure everyone can enjoy being on the site without any potential health risks. If found to post flashing images you will be asked to remove it, failure to do so will result in a warning. 

The purpose of the report button is to report posts and messages that break the rules of Virtual Popstar. Therefore, it is important to first identify that you clicked the correct button and if what you are reporting is against the rules. If found to be misusing the report button by reporting multiple posts that do not break rules or consistently writing in the report button section, an unofficial warning will be given. You will receive an official warning if you do not stop after the unofficial warning.
It is important to not do these actions as it clogs the system and may make it harder for Moderators to do their job.

Non-constructive criticism: Negative feedback without the intent to help, support, or provide advice will not be tolerated. If you want to share your opinion, your feedback should not be with malicious intent. Your comments should highlight constructive criticism (changes that can be made, ideas to support improvement, and suggestions).  

Abusing team functions: Being a part of a team ensures that you have responsibility to complete team-specific tasks and the trust of others. However, abusing team functions will NOT be tolerated. Examples of functions abuse may consist of sending inappropriate group messages, creating inappropriate code names, and moving a thread to a team section to delete comments. If you are caught doing any of these actions, you risk timeout and removal from your team.

Claiming codes: All codes are given by team members. If you come across a code that has NOT been given by a user on a team, DO NOT claim it. We ask that you message an online moderator with the information with the name of the user and code name. If you do claim the set, you will be asked to send it to a moderator. If you refuse, the item(s) will be deleted from your wardrobe and you risk receiving a warning.  

Limited (LE) codes: If a code with a limited amount of redeems is released, a user can only obtain this code on their main account. Users are prohibited to obtain more than one copy or claim codes for the opposite gender on a side account. For example, if a male code is released by a team, a female main cannot use a side account to obtain that code. The only time this will change is if the team specifies that multi-redeems/side accounts are allowed. If you fail to follow this you will receive a warning. If this behaviour continues, you risk being barred from any competitions where codes are prizes. NOTE: It is your responsibility to message a moderator if you share an IP address with another user within the same household. 

Fighting in threads: Heated discussions that become provoking or malicious when dealing with unpopular opinions, political matters, or controversial topics etc. Threads may be closed to prevent fighting from occurring. Due to the fact we are unable to provide examples of every type of fight, it is up to Moderator discretion when dealing with these cases.

Provoking other players: Provoking and/or initiating drama with another played through threads, startalks, shouts, etc. will not be tolerated.   

Advertisement: Advertising products, services, and websites is not allowed. Threads created and/or used for the purpose of advertisement will be closed.

Bullying & Harassment: Others ganging up on a user, calling out another player, spreading rumours, spreading documents, spreading personal information/images, or posting pictures of startalks or personal messages that one did not consent to. Due to the fact we are unable to provide examples of every situation of bullying and harassment, it is up to Moderator discretion when dealing with these cases.

Discussions of closed threads: After a thread is closed, the topic is no longer up for discussion. This includes making other threads trying to continue the conversation or demanding reasons why a thread was closed. If you have a problem regarding the closure, message a moderator for a further discussion.

Discussions of banned users: Talking about a banned user is not allowed, they are no longer able to reply to the forums and thus discussions about them or their ban are deemed unnecessary. 

Bumping old threads: Threads older than a week are no longer relevant. Therefore, these threads will be closed with no notice in order to not congest the front page of popular threads. *Note: If the creator of the thread bumps up a thread, it will not be closed.  

Mental Health: Speculating others mental health, spreading false propaganda, discussing or diagnosing other’s mental health, and discussion of suicide or making suicide threats.

MCS discussions: The MatureContentSection is a record label you can choose to join. In this record label, you will be able to have conversations regarding drugs, self-harm, and sexual content. However, Virtual Popstar will not tolerate:

- Descriptions or promoting drug use
- Tips for acquiring drugs
- Glorification of self-harm
- Asking for/showing images of self-harm
- Posting links/videos/images of graphic violence or sexual content  

NOTE: While sexual content is allowed to be discussed in MCS, Virtual Popstar will not condone any pictures, videos, or designs that highlight graphic details or sexual experiences. If you fail to follow this, you will receive an automatic timeout. 

Receiving a warning allows you the ability to rectify your behaviour before you receive a timeout. In some instances, a verbal warning will be given when an official warning is not deemed fit for the actions presented. If a verbal warning is ignored and the behaviours continue, you risk an official warning.  

Swearing in thread titles: Moderators have the ability to edit posts on threads. If a title in a thread consists of a swear, it will be edited and you will be reminded of the rules. If for any reason your title is switched back to how it originally was, you will receive a warning.  

Advertisement: Individuals will receive a warning for the advertisement of goods/services/websites/etc. that are not relevant to VP.

Bullying and Harassment: Individuals will receive a warning in any of the following situations: abusing the poll function, name-calling, writing malicious messages when sending suggested looks NOTE: Verbal warnings may be given when found to gang up/attack or making fun of another player. Depending on how serious the situation, a formal warning will be given.  

Discrimination: Instances dealing with discrimination will not be tolerated. This consist of discrimination against disabilities, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and origin. While the first offense of these behaviours may be a warning, a timeout will be given if behaviour is repeated.  

Cheating: Warnings will be given to users who abuse any of the following examples: sharing or claiming multiple vouchers without permission, using tactical voting/voting for yourself to win Fashion Contest, obtaining more than 2 HOF set in total, having a main account or side account be on more than one classic game list or more than one HOF list, and using side accounts to obtain promotion points. 

If you break the rules of Virtual Popstar, you will get consequences for your actions. These consequences may be in a form of a verbal warning, an official warning, or a timeout. All rules must be followed throughout threads, shouts, blogs, startalks, guestbooks, and personal messages.

If any questions or concerns arise about a warning or timeout that has been received, please message a moderator privately. Any speculation regarding another player’s warnings and/or timeouts will not be allowed.  

- Posting pornography
- Death threats
- Spreading rumours/documents
- Scamming: Users who fail to return items or money within an allotted time frame and users who do not hold up their end of the trade agreement (For example, users who do not provide the correct item or amount of popdollar/credit/promotional points) will receive an automatic timeout.
- Bullying and harassment: Users found to spread documents/rumours of other players, make accounts to purposely spread drama about other players, or distribute another player’s personal information (pictures, address, phone number) will receive an automatic timeout.
- Cyberbullying: Users who are found to be bullying and harassing other users in messages, blogs, forums, shouts or startalks will get an automatic timeout depending on the severity of the situation.
- Cheating: Users who are caught using side accounts to battle themselves to win competitions and HOF sets, asking for passwords and/or logging into another accounts that is not their own, claiming voucher codes on side accounts multiple times or creating multiple side accounts to gain promotion points will risk a timeout.

Banishment is the result of a user who continuously breaks rules and is a disturbance to the community. An account that has been banished will be placed on a never-ending timeout. Please note that once your account has been banned, you will not be allowed back on to Virtual Popstar for any reason.

Banishment of an account on Virtual Popstar will be obtained once a user has been through these steps:  

Step 1: Acquired three timeouts for breaking General Rules in the span of six months. 

Step 2: If behaviour still persists, the user will then receive a 2 week timeout which will be accompanied by a message from a Moderator warning them of their upcoming banishment if behaviour is not corrected. 

Step 3: If the behaviour of the user has still not improved, they will then be placed on a ban and will not be allowed to return to Virtual Popstar. The message of their ban will be provided in the reasoning section of the timeout. 


Troll Account: If an account has been made to disturb the community and is continuously posting content that is seen as offensive, provoking, misogynistic/sexist or rude they will receive an automatic ban  

Spam/Bot/Advertisement Account: If an account has been made to spam the forums, provide links to illegitimate or harmful websites, or used to promote other websites they will receive an automatic ban

Previously Banned Account: If a user has been found to be the owner of a previously banned account, their new account will then receive an automatic ban. NOTE: Please don’t make a new account trying to object to your banishment, Moderators have given ample time and warning on changing behaviour, therefore you will just be placed on a ban once again.  

Cheating: Individuals found to be abusing or manipulating glitches within the game to one's own advantage in order to obtain clothing sets or popdollar/credit will receive an automatic ban. Individuals who take part in abusing glitches or spread them to others will also receive an automatic ban. Please report any glitches to Moderators or the Admin.  

Cyberbullying: Bullying in any format is not allowed, no matter if it is done in forums, messages, blogs, shouts, or startalks. Users who are found to do severe bullying or continuously bullying other users will receive an automatic ban. 


Inappropriate set IDs that contains sexual content, profanity of any kind, references to substance use, terrorism or discrimination are not permitted. If the ID is deemed inappropriate the set will not be approved and it will also result in a warning or time out, depending on the severity. 

Designs that contain sexual content (genitalia or nipples) are not allowed. The designs will not be approved and will result in a time out. 

Uploading Google images or other random images is not allowed. The images fills up the system and takes unnecessary time from the Designers. If found to upload random images the item will not be approved and will result in a warning.

Uploading stolen designs/items is strictly forbidden. If found to upload stolen designs/items the set will not be approved and will result in a warning or time out, depending on the severity. "

Stealing, copying or editing another user's design, an image from another artist, or an image from google is not allowed. This includes, but not limited to, using any part of another design without permission, merging skins, tracing shapes or silhouettes of other designers' items, copy and pasting items from google, and uploading "backgrounds" as a random google image. 
Doing any of the above will result in an official warning and you will be put on a 3 month probation period. During this time, you will be closely monitored when uploading designs and entering design competitions. If found to be continuing to break the rules, you will receive a timeout and be banished for 6 months from uploading any designs, submit anything for approval, or joining any design competitions.

Virtual Popstar aims to be a fun, safe community for all users to enjoy.  For this reason, any case of rule breaking and its punishment is subject to moderator discretion.  History of rule breaking will be considered in all cases.