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General Rules

Forum Closure

Forums will be closed if found to have done any of the following:

-Found to be provoking another player

-Fighting occurring, or about to occur 

-Contains sexual content, shocking images such as gore, self injury, jump scares, or glorification of drugs

-Bullying/Harassment of another user

-Continuing a discussion from a thread that has already been closed

-There is already a stickied forum about the topic

-Old threads that have been bumped

Breaking any of the following rules may result in a warning or TO depending on moderator discretion 

Foreign Languages

Do not write in any language other than English in the public forums, shout, guestbook, banner or your profile. If you choose to speak in another language, then you must translate the other language to English. You will first receive a verbal warning but if found to continue to do so, further punishment will be given. 

Inappropriate Usernames

Inappropriate usernames with sexual content, profanity of any kind or references to substance use are not permitted. Accounts with inappropriate usernames will be given a period of 24 hours for the username to be changed,failure or refusal to change the name will result in the account being timed-out and/or deleted. For Example: If your forum banner contains a curse word, sexual content or something offensive to other players, you will be asked to remove it. If you do not, you're subject to time-out or banishment.


Swearing is permitted given it is not done in the shouts, thread/blog titles, usernames, record labels, banners, or at other users.For Example: Obvious enough, don't curse at other people in a malicious way but also please refrain from using curse words or vulgar language in the titles of your threads and in any shouts that you create. These posts show up on the front page, and it may be off-putting to people viewing the site for the first time.


Advertising other websites is not permitted. Users may discuss other sites but accounts created solely to advertise will be deleted. You can post your social media accounts, but that’s at your own risk.

Non-Constructive Criticism 

Virtual Popstar encourages suggestions to help improve the user experience. However, these suggestions should be constructive. It is not permitted to speak negatively of the site or its staff in the forums, shouts,etc. If you have a complaint or have a suggestion, it should either be passed on privately to the administration or moderators via the report function. For Example: If a designer should post a design asking for opinions, it's not tolerated to be overly rude.Calling someone's design ugly is not going to help them improve, telling them that they could use a little more shading in certain parts is constructive criticism that allows them to improve. Doing so will result in a warning.

 Misleading/Inappropriate Links

Posting misleading links to jump scares, fake LE codes, inappropriate content, or showing images that are against the rules of Virtual Popstar is forbidden. Clickbait titles are also not allowed, they’re a pain in the butt for everyone.

Personal Information

It is not permitted to divulge personal information to others, this includes but is not limited to: postal addresses, phone numbers, and passwords.This is to ensure the safety of the community. Posts containing personal information will be deleted. Since selling your account involves giving out your password, it is not allowed. This includes personal messages, forum posts and blogs. 


Spamming is not permitted. Spamming includes but is not limited to: 

- more than one of the same topic- more than two messages in the shout

- spreading chain letters

.- multiple ‘I quit’ thread topics

- threads telling friends to check their mails- useless/unclear topics

- bumping up old threads that have no reason to be brought back up

- more than two of the same posts in a row

A good rule of thumb is to post no more than 2 times in a row within a 10 minute period. If found to be spamming you will be verbally warned and if you continue to do so further punishment will be given


Constantly begging for Popdollars, credits and/or clothes is not permitted as it is a form of harassment. It is permitted to create a single thread asking for help, but mass messaging or spamming is not. If you message someone asking if they want to sell an item and they say no, there's no reason for you to ask them every day after that.


Cheating on Virtual Popstar is not permitted. 

Cheating includes but is not limited to: 

- Using bots/side accounts to get Promotion Points

- Hacking and asking for passwords

- manipulating glitches within the game. 

- abuse of a glitch in the system

- bribing

- cheating in team competitions i.e using a side account to enter multiple times sharing voucher codes without permission

- stealing designs/layouts

- Cheating in Virtual Poster games such as voting for yourself in fashion contests or tactically voting in order to win

- Having more than 3 of your accounts on the Hall of Fame list

- Claiming a voucher code 2 times on the same IP, as well as claiming a code on an account that is not your main gender. Please wait an hour before doing either of these things


Selling or trading items for real currency is prohibited. If found to do so through private message and or forum you will be warned and if you continue to do so you will be TO’ed For example: Making a thread selling art, doing so will result in your thread being closed and the creator warned. There are other websites to do this on. We aim to keep Virtual Popstar a safe place and we do not want users scammed


Do not use this platform as a way to insult/gossip about other users. If found doing so you will be warned


If you scam another player and are found guilty via screenshots, you will receive a timeout, minimum of 24 hours. If after 24 hours you won't return the item/pd/cr that doesn't belong to you, more time will be added and you're subject to banishment.  

Report Button 

The report button is used to report posts and messages that are against the rules and/or harming a user on Virtual Popstar. Before hitting the report button be sure to check the VP rules to know if a player is breaking a rule and use your own discretion to gauge whether a person is joking or actually being offensive. If you are unsure, there is no harm in messaging an online moderator and asking. Misuse of the report function is prohibited. Please remember to not report the same thing multiple times as is clogs our system and we are notified several times making it hard to get to or see the problem.


On Virtual Popstar bullying is not something we take lightly. Bullying includes but is not limited to: - name calling- making fun of another player- attacking, ganging up on, and calling out another player- being disrespectful to another player- swearing maliciously at another player- sharing someone’s personal information that they don’t want others to know, spreading rumors, Spreading documents about other players, Posting mail or startalk posts of another players For Example: If a player voices an opinion it's not tolerated to verbally abuse them because their opinion doesn't match yours. This verbal abuse is and not limited to: direct curses at the player, death threats, name calling, false-reporting all of their posts, and unnecessary rude comments directed at the player.

Personal/Indirect Attacks

See Bullying. Harassment of other users directly or indirectly is prohibited. For Example: If someone does something to upset you, it is not tolerated for you to create a thread explaining why that person is a bad person. It is also not permitted to attack them via personal message, guestbook, shout or in the threads. If you have a problem with someone, message them and try to work it out yourself. If you need help, check to make sure they've actually broken a rule and if so, report them to a MOD via the report button.

Drug Related Discussion

Discussion of drugs is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: - descriptions of drug use- promoting drug use- tips for acquiring drugs.If you wish to have discussions related to drugs, join the MatureContentSection group label. 

Sexual Content

Discussions that include any sort of pornographic pictures, videos, erotica, nudity, designs with nudity or overly-detailed descriptions of sexual experiences are not allowed. Virtual Popstar classifies female nipples as nudity. Individual cases will be dealt with by moderator discretion.For Example: Discussions about your sexual escapades will not be tolerated, the thread will be deleted immediately and immediate punishment will ensue. There are children on this site that don’t need to be reading your lewd stories.If you wish to have discussions related to drugs, join the MatureContentSection group label

Glorification of Self Harm

Discussion of self harm in a positive light, asking for, or showing, images of self-harm is not permitted. Virtual Popstar is a supportive site and promotion of damaging behaviour is not permitted.

Graphic Violence

Posting links to, videos, or images of gore/graphic violence is not permitted. The discussion of current affairs such as wars is permitted provided graphic, unsettling images are not posted. 


 Malicious comments directed at any specific race, culture, religious group, beliefs, genders will not be tolerated and will result in punishment.The use of words or phrases that have a history of being offensive/derogatory to people of a specific race, ethnicity, or any other affiliation is not permitted by anyone. The only exception to the rule would be if you're having a discussion about the origin of the word, but it should not be used to refer to any person on the site or posted in a quote where it can be seen as being directed towards someone.

For Example: Your personal opinion of the "n word" does not apply to the rules. Whether you feel there is a difference between using it with an -a or with an -er, you should still refrain from using the word on VP at all.  It is offensive to many people, and it is not worth the trouble of offending someone when you can use another word instead. If you are concerned about whether a word is okay to use, please message an online moderator for help.


Breaking one or more of the following rules stated above can result in a warning or time-out. If found to have accumulated 3 TO’s in six months you will then receive a 2 week time out warning you of your upcoming ban, if found to still break rules you will be banished. Reasoning for time-outs will be attached to the time-out message. If you don’t agree with a warning or time-out you can mail a mod or the admin and we’ll look into it and see if we can remove it from the system after the duration of the time-out is finished. Coming online with a side-account when a time-out is active is prohibited, and could result in a longer time-out.

Reasons for automatic TO’s

-You have already acquired 2-3 warnings

-Posting pornographic content of any nature


-Death threats

-Ill wishes (rape, torture, death, disease)

-Continuously breaking rules 1-3 days after getting off TO

Virtual Popstar aims to be a fun, safe community for all users to enjoy. 

For this reason, any case of rule breaking and its punishment is subject to moderator discretion. 

History of rule breaking will be considered in all cases.