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Selling my wd!
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 ReportAustralia relief poster!

On Wednesday we have a charity stall event where you sell things and the proceeds go to charity! My friendship group have wanted to do something for Aussie so we decided to do that and this is the poster I made for it :-D My boyfriend did the fireman which is def the highlight, but I did all the colouring and the lovely jubly Koala!
Thinking of selling this poster at the fair too <3

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Eek wrote on 14-01 22:10:
Eek wrote:
looooooooooooove it as always bro
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Saudade wrote on 14-01 01:48:
Saudade wrote:
Josten wrote:
this is super sweet
thank yew!!!!! i wanted to make it sweet and not sad 
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Josten wrote on 14-01 01:35:
Josten wrote:
this is super sweet
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Coralin wrote on 14-01 01:10:
Coralin wrote:
is cute
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Saudade wrote on 14-01 01:04:
Saudade wrote:
Check it out bros!