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Record label name: ARMY
Owner: Private
Moderators: - Private
Founded: 16-09-2018
Number of members: 17
Number of active members (last 72h): 1
Combined number of fans: 613.293
Country: Japan
Number of successful tours: 0
Latest successful tour: Unknown


Tour Times: 
To be announced, will try to make them even based off of everyone's time zones.


1. Be Respectful.
2. If you have an issue with anything, please come to the owner or moderator directly.

Remember we are all ARMY here, let's all get along and make this RL thrive.



# Name Level Fans Country Online
1 Private International star 243.799 China China Offline
2 OliveSmalls National star 90.279 Japan Japan Offline
3 Garybeans National star 85.974 Africa Africa Offline
4 Liannie National star 75.471 Australia Australia Offline
5 Kisu Youtube star 42.269 Japan Japan Offline
6 WjAdoxa Youtube star 15.708 Africa Africa Offline
7 Lyncait Youtube star 14.622 Paris Paris Offline
8 Lovelace Youtube star 11.716 Hong-Kong Hong-Kong Offline
9 Private Youtube star 11.394 Netherlands Netherlands Offline
10 Yongi Streetmusician 7.446 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
11 Tiahnee Streetmusician 5.965 China China Offline
12 Tungl Streetmusician 2.680 Great Britain Great Britain Offline
13 Gogobebe Streetmusician 1.698 USA USA Offline
14 Sakuraa Karaoke star 1.340 Milan Milan Offline
15 Softhyuna Karaoke star 1.105 Portugal Portugal Offline
16 CherriXx Karaoke star 1.037 Japan Japan Offline
17 KTWS Karaoke star 790 Brazil Brazil Offline