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U can use my wr for the ET comp if u want (:
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Record label name: Aroha
Owner: Private
Founded: 15-06-2013
Number of members: 19
Number of active members (last 72h): 0
Combined number of fans: 290.696
Country: New zealand
Number of successful tours: 6
Latest successful tour: 17-07-2016


This club is for people who like to Roleplay and maybe even write stories. Being in this club gives you a private place to have roleplays with your friends in a forum instead of in mail. Of course you can do roleplays in mail if you want. If you're really active I'll consider making you a club Moderator. 

# Name Level Fans Country Online
1 Private International star 75.689 Australia Australia Offline
2 Private International star 65.191 Australia Australia Offline
3 Private National star 58.361 Milan Milan Offline
4 Irene National star 56.642 Australia Australia Offline
5 ChickenDinner Youtube star 8.355 Indonesia Indonesia Offline
6 MissFortune International star 2.860 Netherlands Netherlands Offline
7 Olivia National star 2.695 Hong-Kong Hong-Kong Offline
8 PikabooDiamond Streetmusician 2.324 Hong-Kong Hong-Kong Offline
9 Lindsay1ashley Youtube star 2.281 Denmark Denmark Offline
10 HotAndDangerous Youtube star 2.144 Japan Japan Offline
11 Treasure Streetmusician 1.955 Mexico Mexico Offline
12 Private Streetmusician 1.935 New zealand New zealand Offline
13 Kittenbeana Karaoke star 1.718 Brazil Brazil Offline
14 Finnona Karaoke star 1.641 Milan Milan Offline
15 ToxDope Karaoke star 1.624 Great Britain Great Britain Offline
16 FallenPetals Streetmusician 1.448 Belgium Belgium Offline
17 Marin Playback star 1.412 Great Britain Great Britain Offline
18 BeautifulRosa999 Streetmusician 1.357 Portugal Portugal Offline
19 Jasmine111 Bathroom Singer 1.064 USA USA Offline