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Record label profile

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Record label name: Denmark
Owner: Private
Moderators: - Soeljo
- Vicingus
- Eifos
Founded: 30-12-2012
Number of members: 48
Number of active members (last 72h): 12
Combined number of fans: 61.822.671
Country: USA
Number of successful tours: 104
Latest successful tour: 29-10-2017



Welcome to the Danish record label; Denmark

I would prefer that only Danish people apply, because we will be talking Danish.
But everybody is welcome to join if they want to regardless of that~


- I den Danske RL vil vi forsøge at have tours hver dag, men hvis du ved du ikke får det klaret så lad være
med at acceptere for så kan vi andre ikke få fans + pd hvis vi ikke når op på mindst 60% fuldført.
Tours vil dog kun blive forsøgt hvis der er 5 eller flere online.

- We will try to have tours everyday, but if you know you wont be able to complete it, dont accept.
A tour will only be started if theres currently 5 or more online.

- Hvis man ikke har været logget ind i 2 måneder bliver man smidt ud
af RL'n da jeg ikke vil have inaktive personer til at fylde den op.
- If you haven't logged into vp for 2 months you will be kicked. I don't want inactive people filling up the RL.

# Name Level Fans Country Online
1 Private King of Kings 48.489.321 Japan Japan Offline
2 Private Minister of Pop 4.227.534 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
3 MadHatress World famous 1.745.162 Portugal Portugal Online
4 Cami844f World famous 1.709.188 Milan Milan Offline
5 Eifos World famous 1.691.690 Milan Milan Offline
6 Vicingus World famous 1.102.338 Paris Paris Offline
7 Soeljo Popstar 774.798 USA USA Offline
8 BriannaW Popstar 618.625 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
9 Ozeana International star 269.943 Germany Germany Offline
10 Laboratory International star 189.118 Paris Paris Offline
11 Lolley International star 153.340 India India Offline
12 Arsinoe International star 136.308 Mexico Mexico Offline
13 Flamink National star 93.982 Paris Paris Online
14 Shouyou National star 86.542 China China Offline
15 KjIMMeYY National star 73.144 New zealand New zealand Offline
16 Private National star 64.860 Paris Paris Offline
17 Tinkerbelle National star 48.503 India India Offline
18 Private National star 44.298 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
19 Pindgriz Youtube star 36.303 Germany Germany Offline
20 Ypschfckro Youtube star 35.199 Australia Australia Offline
21 Ethea Youtube star 25.253 Japan Japan Offline
22 Goddessien Youtube star 22.329 Germany Germany Offline
23 Sheenasa Youtube star 20.279 Japan Japan Offline
24 Astrobabe Youtube star 18.355 China China Offline
25 Tanay Youtube star 16.776 India India Offline
26 Soruba Youtube star 13.679 India India Offline
27 Zybs Youtube star 13.640 Denmark Denmark Offline
28 DizzyUnknown Youtube star 12.807 Milan Milan Offline
29 AliceInWonderland Youtube star 12.761 Denmark Denmark Offline
30 Prox Youtube star 12.207 Netherlands Netherlands Offline
31 ThinkOfSomethingBlue Youtube star 9.812 USA USA Offline
32 Hinley Youtube star 8.349 China China Offline
33 Raflysetiawann Streetmusician 8.138 Milan Milan Offline
34 Private Streetmusician 5.730 Hong-Kong Hong-Kong Offline
35 Snaphaz Streetmusician 5.387 Mexico Mexico Offline
36 Hjort Streetmusician 4.233 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
37 Asgaard Streetmusician 3.621 Egypt Egypt Offline
38 Unidreams Streetmusician 3.122 Indonesia Indonesia Offline
39 Zandrina Streetmusician 3.082 Milan Milan Offline
40 Xagaia Streetmusician 2.942 Mexico Mexico Offline
41 MilkyWay Streetmusician 2.500 India India Offline
42 BurningBridges Streetmusician 2.477 Portugal Portugal Offline
43 Mosoftla Streetmusician 2.200 Hong-Kong Hong-Kong Offline
44 Sorryimapenguin Streetmusician 993 Denmark Denmark Offline
45 JoonPabo Karaoke star 792 India India Offline
46 Rosababe1 Karaoke star 469 Belgium Belgium Offline
47 Obliges2 Karaoke star 307 Portugal Portugal Offline
48 Wiese Playback star 235 USA USA Offline