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guys, check mp- i basically dumped over 80% of my wd there for far under avg
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Record label name: Fish
Owner: Private
Moderators: - Private
- Private
- Josten
Founded: 01-08-2017
Number of members: 27
Number of active members (last 72h): 21
Combined number of fans: 13.726.398
Country: Milan
Number of successful tours: 3
Latest successful tour: 28-12-2017



 You don't have to be a fish lover to join this record label, Fish is a record label for everyone 

# Name Level Fans Country Online
1 Private Princess of Pop 6.291.106 New York New York Offline
2 Private World famous 1.866.536 Mexico Mexico Online
3 Bowie World famous 1.672.999 Indonesia Indonesia Online
4 Private Popstar 692.932 Peru Peru Online
5 Josten Popstar 592.957 New zealand New zealand Online
6 Wisteria Popstar 505.340 Portugal Portugal Online
7 Fantelle International star 424.795 Milan Milan Online
8 Malling International star 377.364 New zealand New zealand Offline
9 Filthy International star 227.296 Belgium Belgium Offline
10 Kouhai International star 216.335 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
11 Aquilera International star 209.154 New York New York Offline
12 Private National star 116.420 Germany Germany Offline
13 Private National star 99.870 Belgium Belgium Online
14 Vareja National star 96.930 Milan Milan Offline
15 Waffle National star 63.002 New York New York Offline
16 Bum National star 57.112 Spain Spain Online
17 Acetone National star 50.358 Portugal Portugal Online
18 Puppet Youtube star 43.872 Africa Africa Offline
19 Private Youtube star 30.766 Great Britain Great Britain Offline
20 SYRE Youtube star 23.635 Paris Paris Online
21 Private Youtube star 21.833 USA USA Offline
22 Private Youtube star 18.784 China China Offline
23 Peza Youtube star 10.156 Egypt Egypt Offline
24 KiTSyDrawn Streetmusician 5.800 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
25 ImeneX Streetmusician 4.904 Paris Paris Offline
26 Milkyspit Streetmusician 3.079 Hong-Kong Hong-Kong Offline
27 Darcysvlogs Streetmusician 3.063 Portugal Portugal Offline