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Record label name: Hysteria
Owner: Primrose
Founded: 29-10-2017
Number of members: 8
Number of active members (last 72h): 7
Combined number of fans: 1.918.834
Country: Australia
Number of successful tours: 23
Latest successful tour: 22-02-2018



# Name Level Fans Country Online
1 Kieren Popstar 866.428 Germany Germany Online
2 Private International star 433.212 New zealand New zealand Online
3 Primrose International star 266.305 Spain Spain Offline
4 Botany International star 164.176 Spain Spain Offline
5 Aster National star 65.732 Spain Spain Offline
6 Private Youtube star 48.197 Netherlands Netherlands Offline
7 Durango Youtube star 37.469 Great Britain Great Britain Offline
8 Runa Youtube star 37.315 Spain Spain Offline