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Record label name: JTRLB
Owner: Private
Moderators: - Private
- Private
- Private
- HeyitsKarlee
Founded: 18-08-2017
Number of members: 22
Number of active members (last 72h): 9
Combined number of fans: 11.575.321
Country: USA
Number of successful tours: 26
Latest successful tour: 01-11-2018



We are a record label with a healthy social life in our threads. 

Are you interested in a record label with an active social life, then click the banner and start socializing in the public thread. This way you'll get to know the members first, as we tend to accept the people we know we can talk with, without huge ordeals. 

We want active members, that way our social life can stay active. But we will also be able to do tours more often again. 
That is a moment we look forward to.

# Name Level Fans Country Online
1 Apterygidae Minister of Pop 3.069.141 Egypt Egypt Offline
2 Cimorene World famous 2.813.314 Australia Australia Offline
3 Private World famous 1.563.129 USA USA Online
4 Private World famous 1.178.246 Mexico Mexico Online
5 Ask Popstar 928.739 Great Britain Great Britain Offline
6 Bee Popstar 602.299 Netherlands Netherlands Online
7 Private International star 373.901 India India Offline
8 Melk International star 330.594 Japan Japan Offline
9 Private International star 169.453 Argentina Argentina Offline
10 Lettmelk International star 158.507 Brazil Brazil Offline
11 Alwin National star 103.499 Africa Africa Offline
12 Peachmilk National star 68.213 Egypt Egypt Offline
13 HeyitsKarlee National star 59.974 New York New York Offline
14 Zael National star 51.187 USA USA Offline
15 Oniichan National star 38.203 India India Offline
16 Private Youtube star 26.091 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
17 Smile2 Youtube star 17.955 Brazil Brazil Offline
18 Kofod Youtube star 15.563 Brazil Brazil Offline
19 HeyyitsKarlee Streetmusician 3.458 Mexico Mexico Offline
20 Almelma Streetmusician 3.046 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
21 Heyitskarl Karaoke star 495 USA USA Offline
22 CalvinKoigakubo Playback star 314 Belgium Belgium Offline