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These outfits are awesome! Thanks guys *-*
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Record label name: Queniz
Owner: Filipokus
Moderators: - Viola889
Founded: 03-12-2015
Number of members: 11
Number of active members (last 72h): 0
Combined number of fans: 774.103
Country: New York
Number of successful tours: 58
Latest successful tour: 22-01-2018


Hello! We are Queniz, a record label with the goal to have one tour a day. Are you tired of your record label always missing a day or starting the tours to late? Then join our record label, we will hold our times and you will be able to reach the top position on the statistics page because of all the extra performances! We are looking for members and are accepting every request right now.
Tour times:
3-5pm EST
9-11pm CET
If you want to know in your exact timezone, you can use this converter:

# Name Level Fans Country Online
1 Filipokus Popstar 594.583 Argentina Argentina Offline
2 Viola889 National star 57.000 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
3 Viola998 Youtube star 34.016 China China Offline
4 Trans000 Youtube star 31.188 Argentina Argentina Offline
5 Vixleta Youtube star 22.994 Belgium Belgium Offline
6 Cherrylove2004 Youtube star 10.007 China China Offline
7 Dragqueen Youtube star 9.924 Brazil Brazil Offline
8 Coconutz Streetmusician 8.118 Hong-Kong Hong-Kong Offline
9 Melinda2002 Streetmusician 2.601 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
10 Sunny2 Streetmusician 2.023 Spain Spain Offline
11 EonsOfCreations Streetmusician 1.649 New zealand New zealand Offline