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Record label name: SkullLady
Owner: Hyukoh
Moderators: - Private
- Hyukoh
Founded: 03-06-2017
Number of members: 18
Number of active members (last 72h): 2
Combined number of fans: 1.193.672
Country: Denmark
Number of successful tours: 4
Latest successful tour: 11-06-2017


THIS IS A SAFE SPACE FOR EVERYONE AND for skull lady stans, here we love skull lady (u dont have to have her,, but its a plus if u do, dont bully her shes beautiful)

ps the only rule to join is dont be an ahole and love skull lady

the gorgeous art is by sadgal, wheatley and skeleton <3

# Name Level Fans Country Online
1 Sadgal Popstar 535.094 Milan Milan Offline
2 Iridiscencia National star 139.248 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
3 MayNekomia National star 130.504 Paris Paris Offline
4 Private National star 117.917 Paris Paris Offline
5 RedSnow National star 81.663 New York New York Offline
6 Monbebe National star 47.793 Mexico Mexico Offline
7 Hyukoh Youtube star 29.999 New York New York Offline
8 Biggiesmalls Youtube star 29.098 Great Britain Great Britain Offline
9 HeYMoON Youtube star 21.862 New zealand New zealand Offline
10 NeonBones Youtube star 15.101 Hong-Kong Hong-Kong Offline
11 Samkir2001 Youtube star 11.349 Brazil Brazil Offline
12 Nerve Youtube star 11.034 Brazil Brazil Offline
13 Anastxsia Youtube star 10.395 Peru Peru Offline
14 Private Youtube star 7.236 Hong-Kong Hong-Kong Offline
15 Sp666ks Streetmusician 3.757 India India Offline
16 Internet Karaoke star 580 China China Offline
17 KatrinaThorson Karaoke star 545 Argentina Argentina Offline
18 OfficalBossMaura23 Karaoke star 497 Egypt Egypt Offline