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ET: Castaway Writing Competition
Youtube star

If you haven't already heard the news, a terrible storm left us trapped on an uncharted island. We have no idea how we are going to escape yet. Perhaps if everyone puts their heads together, we can figure out a way to be rescued.

You have to options for this competition:
- Write a guide about how you would escape if you were stranded on an island 
- Write about a time where you trapped in a sticky situation but managed to escape from it. 

You can be really serious with your guide OR you can be really silly. There will be twenty winners for the female set and twenty winners for the male set (if we even get that many). 

- Enter using this forum .
- Please try to limit discussions to this blog only or message an ET member your questions.
- Do not enter on sides. You may not win both male and female prizes (save some for somebody else, please!)
- You have until Sunday, August 13 at 11:59 CST to enter.
- Please try not to write more than 500 words. 
- It's not required but please try to come up with a title for your entry as well. 
- Have fun! 

Prizes: Both designed by @Goya 

Youtube star

Reserved for Questions/Answers.
Please ask your questions HERE

- so if you decide to write about getting out of a situation can some parts be fictional?
National star

The Island

It was a normal day , me and my friends decided to go on a Island near our Island because we wanted to make Holidays, and maybe also  escape from our parents.Anyways, we packed our things, drove to the port , and grabbed our Little Yacht, also the Yacht isn't our's it is the property of my friend father. Arrived on the Island, we looked for the Hotel Manager, even if the Island was little, we couldn't find it that fast. After about 30 Minutes we finally managed it to find it. So we asked the employee after our house, but sadly he already gave it to another Person.

Okay what now?

The Manager said he could give us the small bungalow a little further away from the house Management.
It was secluded from everything, but we said we take it. At least we got something to stay.We inspected the Bungalow and it wasn't that bad as expected, so I made my room and myself ready for bed because it was late at evening.As I slept very well, I woke up from a noise, I wondered what that was then I realised it was my friend screaming like someone died.

I looked out the window and saw the high waves and the wind, but I said to him he need to calm down everything is gonna be okay. Well, nothing is gonna be okay.

The storm begun to get stronger and our Bungalow wiggled, I though the Roof is gonna fly away.
We decided to pack our things really fast because we saw a Tornado brews together and our small Bungalow isn't gonna stand after this, AND we don't wanna die for sure. After we packed our things together, we runned outwards to the Island port where normally our Yacht should stand, but  it wasn't there anymore? I remembred I gave the keys the Hotel Manager to store them, I could bet he stole our Yacht.So what we gonna do now?
We couldn't go away without a Boat . Suddenly my friend screamed again '' THERES A SMALL BOAT THERES A SMALL BOAT WE CAN ESCAPE C'MON''
Then I saw it too, a bit far away from us was a boat with paddles, oh god what are we gonna do ugh.

We throwed our things in it and paddled off the Island. I hoped were gonna survive this .Problably we had an Guardian Angel because who would have believed it? We survived it WITHOUT ANY SCARS.
We arrived on our home Island, alive but a little bit wet because of the rain BUT WE SURVIVED IT THATS ALL WHAT MATTERS.

Yea lmfao thats my not so good Story, 3/4 off it happened in reality but the other 1/4 are fictional c:
International star

That one time we got lost

  It was the last summer this happened. It was a boring summer, as always, and we were desperately searching for things to do cause we already got moldy from sitting around and watching movies.
  So one day we decided to go for a bike ride. We live in a small village so we often go to ride our bikes around but it would quickly get boring because we go over the whole village in just 30 minutes. There was also this one road we never go to because it was full of dogs off the leash and my friend, Jelena, is really scared of dogs but this time we decided to go for it.
  My other friend, Martina and the rest of our "crew" had work that day so just the two of us, Jelena and I, ended going. It was a great bike ride if you don't mind the sun and high temperature.We did get chased by the dogs on a part of the road though so we had to take a different way back. And that is how we got itsy-bitsy lost.
  We went for the summer roads, how we call them here. Those are dusty roads in between the corn and sunflower fields. And, since we live in a village, there is a bunch of those everywere. It was a great adventure though. We found lots of new thing and places we didn't know we had here.

Like this tower you can see the whole village from

And we found a cute hut, that probably belongs to someone, and left a message that said hi there.
   At the end, after we rode for about 8 hours, we finally found our way back to the village. There was more dogs but they were caged so we safely got back home. I slept like a baby that night. 
  This summer we did something similar again. We rode further away thought. All the way to other village. It was just as fun. This is the our last summer here since we got into college in city. I will miss this village and our bike rides.

Minister of Pop

My guide - Seashell connection

What would you do if you now stranded on an island? That is very good question. But we have created a guide for you to survive 100% of the desert island. Don't you believe us? Let me show you.

First phase: This is really important phase. You need to get new friends. Now you're probably wondering why. We'll reveal you the answer at the end. But if you are on an island alone then do not worry. You can prepare for this situation in advance with our help. 

Phase two: Once you've got new friends. Ask them for lending a phone. If your new friends are smart they have a seashell connection on the phone.  With the seashell connection, the phone also operates on a deserted island.
So you do not need anything else. Forget all the survival instructions and get this awesome seashell connection on your phone.

You will get help right away. The taxi boat will get you off the desert island free of charge. This seems to be easy and it really is. Order this seashell connection on your phone today. You will get a special offer that doubles your ability to survive. 

Get this great boat for free. If you buy this connection within five minutes you will also receive this offer for a friend.
You will no longer be stranded on the desert island. This awesome seashell connection costs only 999999999999 euros per month. This connection has many satisfied customers. Join us and be one of them! 

// lol, I hope this entry is okay. So, I would get seashell connection on my phone and with it I can survive. :'DDD

Queen of Queens

How to escape from the desert island?

The best way to survive is to scream help first.
Scream so hard as you can. Wait a couple hours and if no one has come to help, you realize you're really in trouble.
Cries hysterically, because it makes you feel better. Once you've cried enough, look around for what you see on the island.You are exploring the entire deserted island and you will not find anything from there.
No wonder why, because you're in the desert island. 

Here is just one really good idea to survive. You have to swim!
If you have not been in a swimming school  before and you can't swim, then it's a good time to learn.
So go to swim!
splash splash! Like a frog!

After you've been swimming for 30 minutes in the open sea, your strength has fallen.
You can't swim back or forward anymore. What to do now?
You fall under the water, but do not worry! 

You will soon see the mermaid that came to save you from drowning.
That mermaid will take you to King Triton and ask him to conjure the gills for you, until you get home.
Soon you will get the gills and you can breathe under water.
The mermaid will bring you as close to your home as possible and then you have survived.

When faith begins to fade and you lose faith in everything in the world.
Just remember that miracles may happen! (;

King of Kings

The Furry Intruder 

Have you ever had a ferret? I did for a few days, unexpectedly, about a year ago. My day started out pretty typically. I was on my way to the bathroom, which is at the other end of the house past the kitchen and laundry area. There's a door separating the kitchen from the part of the house where the restroom is, and behind that door is a folding style door that encompasses a pantry closet. Both doors are kept closed when noone is using them. But on this occasion, I noticed the pantry door was partially opened. I hadn't been in there for a while so I stood there for a few minutes, looking around confused and wondering how the heck it got opened. Eventually I shrugged and made my way into the bathroom. As I was closing the door, I glanced down and saw a brown furry animal following me and I thought I would die of surprise! I let out a scream and jumped against the wall as the creature began to sniff me curiously.

I was frozen in place for a few minutes trying to decide what to do and I closed it in the bathroom for a bit while I figured out what to do with it. I obviously had to contain it somehow--I didn't want a ferret roaming around my house of course. Luckily I have cats and thus have a cat carrier. After I closed it in the carrier I filled a bowl with water and quickly Googled what ferrets eat and was surprised to find that most cat foods are an acceptable option! I couldn't just let the ferret outside again where it might end up in danger, and my father wouldn't drive me across town to the Humane Society for a few days, so until then I had to learn how to care for a pet I never planned to have. In the end the ferret made it safely to the HS and hopefully was reunited with her (the woman at the HS told us this ferret was female) owner.

(P.S. this was a sticky situation in more ways than one.... ferrets poop A LOT I learned).
Account deleted

I tried my best. Hope its okay with a story thats fictional. And also, it involves death, so dont read if you cant handle it.

Death In Paradise

I woke up to a terrible headache and a dry mouth, shielding my eyes from a horrendous bright light. Was this
a hangover? I couldnt remember drinking... I actually couldnt
remember anything. Just waking up on a burning floor. A burning
floor? That didnt seem right. I stretched out my hand, feeling a
weird, grainy texture. Sand? Where was I?
My body seemed heavy, it was almost impossible to push myself up in a sitting position.
My mouth... It was almost inbearable. My eyes slowly got used to the light, and I started to see shadows.
Green creatures danced in front of me. I screamed, pushed myself up
on my feet, stumbling backwards. I rubbed my eyes and took a closer
look. The dancing creatures were only bushes, blowing in the wind. I
was outside, in a sandy place with plants... How?
I heard strange noises behind me.«Swoosh...Swoosh». I turned around only to see blue waves closing
in. What the hell was this place? A beach?
Slowly coming to my senses, I was suddenly fully aware of my mouth, as dry as the desert.
Water. I needed water. I looked around for my purse. Where was it?
I catched a gimpse of a black bag under a bush, and walked slowly towards it. The closer I got, the more
detailed the bag became. It suddenly grew arms and legs, even a head.
This wasnt a bag at all, it was a person crawled up in a ball. I jogged over, this person could have
answers to where I was.
« Hello?» I said, but it came out a sa faint whisper. I cleared my throat and tried again. «HELLO?».
Nothing. Not even a little movement. Was he sleeping?
His raggedy hair covered his face, but it didnt matter. I was sure that I didnt know this person.
I closed in, and touched his back. Nothing.
I turned him over, and it was the most awful sight I have ever seen. His eyes were white and empty, and his
skin grey. A sickening blue shade surrounded his mouth. I screamed
and crawled back, away from the body. I couldnt stomach the sight and
started to sob. What was this? Why was this person dead? I ran as
fast as I could, into the bushy area, away from the beach. I ran past
trees, vines and big stones, until the forest cleared again and I saw
sand. My heart fell to my stomach.
Was this... An island? I threw up all I had left in my stomach. I couldnt handle this.
I figured that I should continue to the beach, to see if there were other survivors and I was met with an
indescribable sight. Was this a dream..?
In front of me, floating in the water were burning parts of a boat, with several bodies clinging onto the
shipwrecks, dead.
International star

The lost Third-Wheel:

It was about a year ago. 
I was in South America, in Bolivia with my class(boarding school) and we had a day where we were going to La Cancha (a giant market). 

Before we got to the market our guide decided to show us a jewelry place where they had a type of gem/stone thing special to Bolivia called bolivianite(Official name Ametrine).
I quickly bought what I wanted from the shop, and then I strolled around the other shops, cause we were told we were allowed to do so, until everyone was done. I couldn't have been gone for more than 10 minutes only to find no one. Everyone had left for La Cancha, leaving me stranded(or whatever it's called)

Now being an over dramatic chick for starters, i imagined how i'd have to accept a life on the street, change my name to Lil' "insert street name here" and join a gang(yes i need to lay of the movies)

So here I was, a danish chick, lost, in the middle of Bolivia without a functioning phone(No more battery) without the ability to speak a single word of Spanish beyond "Si, Gracias and Gracias por la comida" in a country where they don't speak English.

I went back into the jewelry shop and tried my best to hand-gesture(with my entire body, it was not my most beautiful moment) that I had lost my group and I had no way of contacting them. The two women behind the desk just looked at me and nodded politely, probably hoping I would just leave them alone.
Then by the grace of God, this little girl comes out of the back room and says something in Spanish, hands the two women a note with a phone number and then leaves again. They call this number and suddenly i'm in contact with our guide(who is american) and I tell him that they forgot me. He tells me that his wife will be coming by in 15 minutes and i can follow her to La Cancha. I thank him for his help and find a tiny chair to wait in, at the jewelry store(Most awkward 15 minutes of my life) and the wife came, picked me up, and drove me to La Cancha. 

Now here's the really weird and kinda sad part. So I was actually in South America with one of my best friends, and until a week before this happened we were inseparable. Then she got the hots for this guy and forgot about my existence, and that kids, is how i got third-wheeled so badly, that i was forgotten in the middle of Bolivia. :p

To this day I have no idea who that kid was with the phone number of my guide, but I thank God for her existence, for without her, I'd be a hardcore gangster! 

Lost in England
I was about3 years old. We were visiting my family in England, me and my mum, and we
decided to go shopping. So, we went into this mall, into a clothing store, looking
for some new outfits for me so that I could look fire when we went back to
Denmark. I can’t remember what, but my mother had to go grab something not far
away from where we currently were. Like, a couple of metres away. She decided
to just go grab it quickly. I had not realized that my mother was gone for a
couple of seconds, and therefore thought she was gone forever. Game over. So,
my fight or flight response kicked in, but I’ve always been kind of dumb, and
just froze instead of fighting or running away. But I didn’t just freeze in the
middle of the store, no. I hid under a clothing rack, and obviously my mum couldn’t
find me. So, my mum made a public announcement on the radio in the whole mall,
calling my name and trying to find me, meanwhile I was basically right next to
Anyways, itturned out alright. This lady found me and brought me to my mother, asking if I
was the girl she was looking for – which I was.
It waspretty scary, but I got rescued and got home safely with some cool light-up
shoes which nobody at home had. It was worth it.
National star

I'm worried but still

Bad(th) island

It was Monday morning ... Or maybe Wednesday ... Well, or someone else's day that I do not remember. My eyes refused to open. I heard only the sounds of the surf and the slight hiss of foam, as if someone was opening a bottle of mountan dew. Having processed all the information in my mind, I realized that it happened. I am alone. On an uninhabited island. Dropped out of the plane. Not that I wanted to jump, but the argument with my friends went too far. Where are they? ...I stood up and evaluated the situation. Aha. I'm all alone in the environment of me and a little bit of myself. "I thought. The sand under my feet too. A crab flying past thought twice. I did not like his look. I stood up again and decided - today I will escape from this island. Although it is possible tomorrow. Today it's Monday. On Monday, I do not want to do anything. Or Wednesday? ... I was not sure at all 100.I gathered my last strength into my fist and headed for the trees, in order to cut them down and build a raft. I had nothing to cut them. I thought about it. I ruined the uprooting of trees and built a raft. I had nothing to uproot them. I thought again.Evaluating the situation, I decided to do what I always did-went to bed.Waking up on Tuesday (or was it still Wednesday?) I evaluated the situation. A crab passing by looked at me. I looked at him. He looked at me. It's awkward.I knew that I could escape from this island.Gathering the last strength, I decided to do as my friends do.Having drunk, I realized that the island is not so bad, and the flying crab is no longer so strange.He looked at me. I looked at him. The waves rustled like an opening can of cola. I cried. Because today was the resurrection.After gathering my last strength, I decided to do what my sensei told me.I jumped into the water and started rowing as much as I could, hoping to swim on the mainland.After a couple of minutes my friend pushed me. I did not understand anything, the water was like a bursting can of beer. A friend laughed and took me to the phone. I got drunk and fell asleep in the bathroom.But at least I got out of the Bath island .... This time ... 
Account deleted

The one time I almost drowned

So, this was about 7 years ago. I was in Germany with my whole family to visit my grandma and her husband. At the time they owned a garden a little bit outside the city. Since we visited in the summer you can imagine it would be really warm and enough warm to go and swim. He (my grandmas husband), me and my brothers decided to go to the lake near the garden. At the time neither of us kids were good at swimming, or well, I had just learnt to swim a couple of months before so I was still a newbie so to say. My youngest brother was too afraid to go in the water so only me and my other brother decided to swim. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea if one of us would sit at the other person's shoulders, and stupidly enough me and my brother decided to do that, in the deep water where none of us could reach the bottom of the lake without one of us standing on top of each other. Anyway, suddenly it all went wrong and my brother couldn't come up from the water so both of us started panicing. He dragged me under the water several times because he couldn't swim and was in desperate need of help. My youngest brother saw everything happen but he thought all of it was a joke so he only laughed at us while we tried not to drown. Grandmas husband hadn't noticed anything since he was so old and couldn't see that far. A little later we both somehow managed to get up to the ground again and we were so scared because no one around that had been in the water tried to help us so this could've ended really bad. Ever since I've been scared of oceans, lakes etc and to this day I'm very very careful about my actions and what not to do if I don't have any experience in it. I'm just thankful that me and my brother are still alive since we were really lucky that we survived.
International star

Mission "Where we at"

We had no cellphones. That shouldn’t sound scary to you and it wasn’t - until it got
dark. You see, we were on a mission. Me and five other people. Not the kind of
mission that you’re thinking of; just getting from point A to point B with only
a map to guide us. Truth be told, we did have phones – two very old ones. One sim-card, no connection. Only emergency numbers. You’ll see how that would soon equate to zero.

It was getting late. After around 15 hours of carrying our two canoes and many
backpacks through the muddy, uneven terrain, people were getting tired. Luckily
for us, there were better roads ahead. The map showed us a nearby lake that we could
cross to get to our next checkpoint. Only problem was finding the lake.

We were currently in the woods at the base of a hill. It was a very long distance to the top, if
you’re carrying canoes with you. As we started to give up, one of us decided to
leave her bag, take the map and go up to check for the lake. When she came
back, she said that she knew which way to go.

Night crawling in, we decided to split up. (“Great idea”, you’re thinking.) Me and the girl ventured back into the woods, this time with our bags and a phone. The plan was that the others would start carrying
the canoes, possibly waiting outside of the creepy abandoned house on the top if
fast enough. We would come back to help them after dumping our bags.

So, we walked and walked. After a while we couldn’t even see the road ahead but my
companion was sure that it was the right way… though it soon dawned on me that
one, we would never be able to carry our canoes all the way through this mess
of a road and two: She had never gone down this road. Only guessed by the map.

We decided to warn the others. But remember – the group only had one sim-card. We had none. No problem, we though - we’ll just go back. A little less than an hour from the moment that we went down that
path, we finally got back to the creepy old house. And no canoes. Were they
perhaps still carrying them up? With that in mind, we went down the hill again and
found… deserted canoes. Well, fucking hell.

We called out for them. We even heard someone faintly shouting back- or so we thought.
They never answered us. So up the hill we went, exhausted and pretty darn
scared with no means of contacting them, talking about different scenarios that
could have led to them disappearing. We chose another road at the abandoned
house and went down about a hundred meters, only to be greeted by:

“What the fu-uck! We thought we had lost you!”

And a lake. The damn lake was right there. They had called for backup with the other phone
and we still had to carry the canoes.
Youtube star

So, this is my story. I tried using only 500 words, but it felt like something was missing, so I added some more to make it a bit more fun to read. It's 100 to 200 words more, something in between, but i hope it still counts. I used the pieces of paper to give it something extra, although it made the story look even longer because the font size needed to be big to be readable.

National star

how to survive and escape an island:

1.look around and see if there is anything useful around you
from the ship or the plane you where in or the island itself collect them

2.check and see if you are really alone or not there might be some other people alive

3.see if your phone or any phone or any communication device around you works
if they does call for help if not you can only hope people search for you and don't think you're dead

4.see how the island your trapped in is ... desert island or forest island

5.see if you can find any sigh of a city or a village
if yes you are saved if not ... well just keep your hopes up you need it

6.see what your position in the island is if you are in the center of island or in the beach
if you are in the beach call for help as loud as you can if not try to find the beach

7.make fire and find some food before the sun down it will help you to survive can wait for anyone or anything that might save you or make a small boat for yourself

good luck and hope you comeback alive
International star


    A twig snapped and my eyes instantly flew open. I groaned and used my tired arms to prop myself up. I rubbed the sleepiness from my eyes and felt the cool morning breeze gently brush against my face. The peacefulness it brought didn’t fool me though. I knew I had heard something...hold on. I looked around in confusion. Where was I? I couldn’t recognize the tall twisted trees with their gnarled roots, or the distant cawing of birds, or the clumps of weeds I was currently lying on...wait a minute. Why was I sleeping on grass?!
    Even though the back of my head was pounding, I immediately snapped out of it and stood up. I rocked a little from the sudden movement but I steadied myself so I could figure out where the hell I was. Crack! Another twig snapped and my heart started pounding faster and faster and faster. Oh my gosh that sound came from behind me! What do I do? I slowly turn around and almost faint at the sight of me. Just my luck to meet a TIGER...
    I quickly scramble for my thoughts. Where did I read about what to do when you see a tiger? I pulled the roots of my hair frantically as I struggled to remember...OH MY GOSH I remember! I started yelling at the top of my lungs, staring directly at the tiger’s eyes. They were a rich amber color and it shined like a pebble. Although it showed no sign of fear in its eyes, it took a timid step back. I got even louder, beating my chest like a gorilla would when it is threatened. The tiger took another step back. My voice got hoarse but I knew I couldn’t stop for anything. I screamed and screamed as the tiger walked further and further away. When it was out of eyesight, I dashed off as I continued to shout until I came across that a campsite? I felt tears fall out of my eyes as I took in the safe sight of the colorful tents set up. I remember now - I was out camping with my parents but I couldn’t sleep at night. I decided to take a walk around the woods when I suddenly felt drowsy so I laid on the ground. I never realized the danger but now I know that I should never leave the campsite alone at night!
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