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Frequently asked questions

Design a set and perhaps your set will be selected for our game! 

nyone can design clothes for VirtualPopstar. We don’t have an in-game design program, but you can use any graphic editor or image editing program like for instance Photoshop, Paint, PhotoFiltre, Gimp…, and so on.

If you want to design regularly, you can apply to become part of the Designer Team (DT) and you will receive your designer’s badge.

But if you only want to design on occasion, you can upload your set items and the people on the Designer Team will either approve your design or let you know why they feel it might not (yet) be suitable for VirtualPopstar.
If your design is not approved, feel free to improve the items and try again. From the day you receive that message, you will have a month to redo it and send it in again. After that, your design will be deleted from our database.

Make sure you also read our ‘Tips on how to design


You are free to create your own doll/avatars, but if you want to, you can download the doll/avatar base below.





Some rules..., because it is important that

  • You cannot upload the same set on multiple servers. Every set/item is unique, and the admins can decide if your set can go to other servers.

  • Your work is original because plagiarism is absolutely not allowed. You cannot use/edit designs of others or copy and distort images from the internet into a design without permission from the original creator. You are also not allowed to use textures from the internet. Brushes, however, are allowed.
  • You are not allowed to change the size of the base (e.g., make it thinner/thin).

  • One clothing set needs to have a minimum of 5 unique items, the more items, the better.

  • You can make items in 5 colors, spread over a maximum of 3 sets.

  • You save your files as .png or .bmp because it is of better quality (much better than .jpg.

  • Make sure that all items of the set are cut out separately and without excess space around them.

  • You put it on a transparent background and show each individual piece of clothing separately. (Click on the button ‘How to design’ for more information about “How to cut your design out and save transparent”)

  • If you want to make a background, it must be 240x200 pixels.

  • Finally, add a picture of the complete set.


Please also be aware that:
  • It remains forbidden to design nipples, slits and genitals.

  • Drug items are banned (think pills and syringes, or if it's obviously drug-related, joints aren't allowed either!)

  • Sex-related items are not allowed (think of items that are clearly linked to sex)

  • Suicide/self-injury related items are a no-go (no noose, no bullet holes in the head, no weapon to the head, no knives to arms or other places that clearly refer to self-injury, etc.

  • While designing, you should consider whether something is appropriate or inappropriate. When in doubt, contact a member of the Designer Team or a Moderator to find out whether something is allowed or not.

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