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Game explanation

On, you can experience the lifestyle of a real pop star. 
Virtual Popstar is all about the fans: the more you have, the higher your level. 
You start as an inexperienced bathroom singer and work your way up the ladder 
by practicing songs and dances, performing at concerts and going on world tours. 



Bathroom Singer

Fans needed: 0

Playback star

Fans needed: 20

Karaoke star

Fans needed: 100

Street musician

Fans needed: 1.000

Youtube star

Fans needed: 10.000

National star

Fans needed: 50.000

International star

Fans needed: 150.000


Fans needed: 500.000


Fans needed: 1.000.000

Living Legend

Fans needed: 2.000.000

Minister of Pop

Fans needed: 3.000.000


Prince/Princess of Pop

Fans needed: 5.000.000

King/Queen of Pop

Fans needed: 10.000.000

King of Kings / Queen of Queens

Fans needed: 20.000.000

How to Earn Fans:

Virtual Popstar is all about how many fans you have. More fans make you more 
popular and will level you up to the next level. When you become more popular, 
you will earn more money. You can collect fans by doing the following things:


●      Taking singing lessons

●      Taking dancing lessons

●      Performing at concerts

●      Playing games
●      Donating popdollars or credits
●      Going on world tour
●      Joining a record label and participating in group tours


There are also ways to lose fans:


●    If you don’t hire security (see Career), you will lose 1% of your fans every day
because they don’t find it safe enough to go to your concerts anymore.
Make sure you hire security.




Popdollars vs Credits
There are two currencies used on Virtual Popstar. The first is Credits (cr), 
which you need to use real money to pay for. You can use them for some extra 
features but you don’t need them to play the game. The second and most 
important is Popdollars (pd). You can earn popdollar by doing the following:


●      Gambling at the casino

●      Playing games

●      Giving performances

●      Joining a record label and do group tours



How much money do you earn?







Singing/dancing lesson reward

Performance reward


Bathroom Singer


2 fans

10 fans + 65 popdollar


Playback star


5 fans

25 fans + 70 popdollar


Karaoke star


10 fans

50 fans + 75 popdollar


Street musician


15 fans

75 fans + 80 popdollar


Youtube star


20 fans

100 fans + 85 popdollar


National star


30 fans

150 fans + 86 popdollar


International star


50 fans

250 fans + 87 popdollar




70 fans

350 fans + 88 popdollar




90 fans

400 fans + 89 popdollar


Living Legend


100 fans

450 fans + 90 popdollar


Minister of Pop or Higher


100 fans

450 fans + 90 popdollar




Additional information

Check out the FAQ page to learn more details about the game.