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Welcome to the most fun website in the world!

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Game explanation

Virtual Popstar in a nutshell: 



1 – The game

Virtual Popstar is a game that has many different levels that players need to achieve. The theme of the game is becoming a pop star… or basically becoming and living the life of a pop star.

Players create an account and choose a username. Each account has an avatar that comes with a few free, basic clothes. This is the start of their virtual pop star life.

You enter a world where you work yourself up from the starting level 'bathroom singer' to the highest level 'King of Kings or Queen of Queens' by 'earning fans' via various assignments. 
By earning fans, you can climb the different levels. 

How to earn fans:

Virtual Popstar is all about how many fans you have. More fans make you more popular and will level you up to the next level. When you become more popular, you will earn more money. You can win fans by doing the following things:

Under Statistics (under 'Home'), you can see the top 100 best players and what the best record labels are.

There are several countries you have to travel to and give (virtual) performances. You need to take singing and dancing lessons and can do this alone or with others by joining or starting a record label (kind of club within the game).
By giving performances in different countries, you not only earn fans but also virtual money. This is called popdollar. Popdollars can be used to buy clothes for your pop star.

Aside from the stardom and dress-up aspect (which is the core of the game), there are other things you can do. For instance, you can play games like PopMatcher or PacMan and get rewarded with unique virtual clothing sets. You can battle other players other in a race to get as many fans as possible within 24 hours. You can join fashion contests where up to 6 players get a certain theme to dress up and then they need to vote who performed the best.


And in-between gaining fans and dressing up, you can post on forums, write blogs and create shoutouts and Startalk.

Good to know is that when you have a Manager or when you are a Diamond Member, you will be able to earn fans more quickly and receive more Popdollars.

There are also ways to lose fans:

If you don’t hire security (see Career), you will lose 1% of your fans every day because they don’t find it safe enough to go to your concerts anymore. Make sure you hire security. 

We do have a ’Vacation Mode’ (go to 'Home' and under 'Account settings' on the right side of the menu, there is 'Vacation mode'). Should you go on holiday, you can set this so you don't lose fans. But note: you can't gain fans then either. You can cancel your holiday mid-term, but you won't get your paid money back.


Popdollars and Credits and How much money can you earn?

There are three means of payment within Virtual Popstar:

  1. Pop dollars,
  2. Promotional points
  3. Credits.

Credits can only be bought with real money or won in competitions. You can also get credits by strategically trading and selling items. Promotion points can only be won when you are promoting Virtual Popstar to people who are not members yet.

However, you don't need credits or promotion points to play Virtual Popstar, because there are also popdollars. Popdollars can be earned by giving performances. With popdollars, you can do various things on Virtual Popstar. For instance, you can buy new clothes or better transport so you can travel to another country faster.

Below is a list of how you can earn pop dollars.



 Please also visit our FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about the game 

The main ‘Home’ Page



2 – Dressing up

The dress-up and clothing collection part is a very important aspect of the Virtual Popstar game. Each player has their own pop star and wardrobe. This makes it possible to buy clothing items and dress up your pop star.

Almost every day you can buy clothing items for pop dollars. It is also possible to buy game credits with real money.

Some clothes in the shops can only be bought for credits. Some clothing sets can only be won through competitions or games.

Most clothing sets are only sold for a limited amount of time and can become very rare items. This makes players want to collect clothes they like. There is a lively trade among players in rare sold-out clothing items that you can only buy from another player. These 2nd hand sales almost always take place in credits and clothes can be sold for a lot in-game credits.


There are hundreds of clothing sets in the game and supply and demand determine the price. It is a fun challenge for the players to build a large collection and collecting is addictive and fear of missing out on new things is one of the main reasons for players to come online every day.


Example of one Full set. 

It can have many different separate items. Sometimes players only buy a set because they like the shoes.


3 – The Community

The social aspect is a central element in the game and its main component (aside from shoutouts, startalk and email messages) is the forum. Here you can talk to other players.

Players can make friends and add friends to their accounts and add BFFs (best friends). You can post things publicly on the forum or on your blog, but you can also email each other more privately.


Aside from the forum and the email inbox, you can also post things on your Startalk (a kind of Facebook timeline that can only be seen by your friends).

Each player also has his own guestbook blog on his profile. Close friendships develop and the website is a place where everyone comes together every day and talks about much more than the game.


The website, game, collecting clothes and making friends are part of the player's life. Virtual Popstar is not a game that you play every now and then. Players play almost every day and put a lot of free time into the website. There is a group feeling.

Virtual Popstar is not just a game but a community. 

Virtual Popstar is not only a fun game with great dressing up and clothes collecting aspects. It is a game, a social community, and a home for young adults. On Virtual Popstar, the users can post on the forum blogs, their timeline and guestbooks, post photos and videos and comment on each other's activities, similar to Facebook but in a very safe environment.

Therefore, safety comes first.

The website is 24/7 human-moderated by "moderators" who are players with special rights and all content can be reported directly to these moderators via a special reporting system, inappropriate content is therefore quickly removed. In addition, a user's personal information such as his/her real name, phone number and email address is strictly private and not visible to other users.

Young people like to use social media, but do not have a place where they can go where it is safe. On Virtual Popstar, they can play and talk with others and speak the same language (there are shielded forums for different languages when you join a record label of one country).

Virtual Popstar is exactly what young people want and therefore has a big advantage.




A team of volunteers

Virtual Popstar is a close-knit community and activities are organized regularly on the website to provide enough variety and keep players amused.

A lot is done by the members of Virtual Popstar. Different teams of volunteers have been set up and each team has different responsibilities. These teams are self-managed and continuously look for new volunteers to join their group. Players like to belong to at least one of the teams as they then receive a badge behind their name, which kind of works like a status symbol.

Below you will find the different groups and a brief description of their responsibilities:


Players with this badge ensure that the site remains safe and that everyone follows the rules. This is all about monitoring foul and inappropriate language, making sure that players are not spammed or bullied, and assuring everyone is behaving nicely.

When you break a rule, you can expect a warning or a time-out (temporary account block) from one of them. People with bad intentions also get an IP address and account block. 

News Team and blog team

All members who belong to this group, ensure that new and informative articles are published online almost daily.

Some articles are good, and this section could contain several ads to increase passive earnings. 

Competition Team

These members create competitions for the players where there are fun prizes to be won, such as credits and exclusive limited edition clothing sets! 

The designers

These players design 80% to 90% of the clothes that are sold on Virtual Popstar. However, players without a badge can also design and submit clothing items, but they can only be approved by players with a designer’s badge. If you do this regularly and if you belong to the best, you get the chance to become a Designer and get the badge. 

Everyone can earn real money if their design is picked for the Mega Credit Set Week (MCW).

The YouTube Team

These people make all kinds of videos and post them on Virtual Popstar and on YouTube.

The Social Media Team

The name already says it. These players maintain the social media accounts of VirtualPopstar, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Tumbler… 

Forum Team

This team organizes activities on the forum and creates one or more topics every day where players talk to each other about a certain topic of the day. 

Promotion Team

This is a badge that players can earn by introducing new members via a personal unique promotion link. Players can also earn promotion points which is a currency your receive by promoting Virtual Popstar.

The Admins

For each language/site we have an ‘Admin’. The admin oversees the site and is ultimately responsible for all teams. This is the person who does most of the work and the admin has the power to award a badge to a player in consultation with other team members. 

There is one Admin for the Dutch site, one for the German site and two Admins for the English site. 






Almost daily, blogs are written.

Three languages (Dutch, German and English)

Virtual Popstar currently consists of 3 languages/sites. A Dutch site for the Netherlands and Belgium, a German site for Germany, Austria and Switzerland and an international site in English.

Each language version is a standalone and separate website with its own URL, community and team of volunteers.

However, the vast majority of the new clothing sets introduced into the game by the different sites, are distributed and sold on all three sites.   



The English site

On the English site, you will see a strong presence from players living in the USA, the UK and Northern Europe (Scandinavia). While some time ago the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) dominated, it is now slowly being overtaken by the USA.


Additional languages?

In the future we might release Virtual Popstar in other languages

Spanish, with over 580 million speakers is almost 6 times the size of the German market and this would be a logical choice, but so is French with 274 million speakers