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hey kitty girl...its ur world
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Frequently asked questions
This player has hired a manager, which is paid with credits. They have special benefits which you can learn more by visiting the manager page.
A moderator is here to help. If you have any questions or a problem, please contact a moderator. They moderate over forums, chats, etc. They can remove inappropriate messages, if necessary. They can also put users into timeouts. When you receive a time out you won’t be able to play virtual popstar for a certain amount of time.
Promotion team:
This player is a member of the promotion team. They earn this badge by inviting a player to Virtual Popstar and having them reach the National Star level. They sent them their promotion link. Only the members that have registered after clicking on their promotion link count. You can find your unique promotion link here.

News team member:
This player is a member of the news team. They are responsible for the ´Daily News´ 
When a player regularly designs clothes for virtualpopstar, they are selected for this badge. 
The administrator is the leader of the moderators. The administrator is an official employee of viral social games. When a moderator can’t solve your problem, you can contact an administrator. 

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