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Frequently asked questions

Where or how do I find sold-out clothing?


The info below was originally created by Eliah

Clothes that are sold during the Mega Credit Set Month are Limited Editions, which means that they are only sold by Virtual Popstar when you buy credits during that specific month.


Every time you buy credits, they will add up to a larger amount and when you’ve reached the next set amount, you will also get those sets.
For instance, when you buy for €6 credits on four different days during the same month, you will not only get the €6 sets but also the €2, the €12 and the €24 sets. When you spend €48, you will receive all of them.



 Other ways to find clothing:

One of the best ways to find items you like is to look through other player’s wardrobes. Not everyone has their wardrobe open though, so don't be confused if you can't find what you are looking for.

You do need to be a YouTube Star to be able to buy items from other players.
Clothing is released via the following:


  • Weekly free codes on our social media accounts. There are also free codes in the shouts (box in the top right) at times.
  • Diamond Member - New sets come out weekly, but you must be a Diamond Member to get it.
  • Competitions hosted by different teams. This can range from outfit creation to designing clothes.
  • Monthly raffles on the social media pages
  • Wheel of Fortune – These are mostly individual items that are updated every week, you get one free spin per day.  
  • BackstagePass. This is a ‘BattlePas’ type of concept whereby you need to log in daily and perform certain activities to collect all items of one set.
  • Hall of Fame - Updates every week, Statistics - Virtual Popstar
  • Shop releases - At the moment we're working on a huge shop revamp with a ton of new sets, so stick around for that, there will be sets for everyone!
  • Auctions – We will soon be auctioning off rare items of accounts that received a lifelong Time-Out.
  • Other player’s wardrobes – Once you’ve reached YouTube Star, you can buy items from other players (not from Marketplace).


The best way to get credits is to enter competitions, get on the Hall of Fame, spin the wheel and get the set, and then sell said sets.

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