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Frequently asked questions

The Levels of Virtual Popstar




Bathroom Singer

Fans needed: 0



Playback star

Fans needed: 50



Karaoke star

Fans needed: 300



Street musician

Fans needed: 1.500



Youtube star

Fans needed: 10.000



National star

Fans needed: 50.000



International star

Fans needed: 150.000




Fans needed: 500.000




Fans needed: 1.000.000



Living Legend

Fans needed: 2.000.000



Minister of Pop

Fans needed: 3.000.000



Prince/Princess of Pop

Fans needed: 5.000.000



King/Queen of Pop

Fans needed: 10.000.000



King of Kings / Queen of Queens

Fans needed: 20.000.000


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