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selling most of my wardrobe. pm me with offers
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Record label name: ARMY
Owner: Private
Moderators: - Private
Founded: 16-09-2018
Number of members: 24
Number of active members (last 72h): 1
Combined number of fans: 1.402.218
Country: Japan
Number of successful tours: 0
Latest successful tour: Unknown


Tour Times: 
To be announced, will try to make them even based off of everyone's time zones.


1. Be Respectful.
2. If you have an issue with anything, please come to the owner or moderator directly.

Remember we are all ARMY here, let's all get along and make this RL thrive.



# Name Level Fans Country Online
1 ElaVampire Popstar 540.799 Denmark Denmark Offline
2 Private International star 325.727 Hong-Kong Hong-Kong Offline
3 Garybeans International star 150.180 New York New York Offline
4 Private National star 95.849 Argentina Argentina Offline
5 Itzys National star 49.054 Germany Germany Offline
6 BTS National star 48.783 Denmark Denmark Offline
7 Laroucelle Youtube star 42.247 Australia Australia Offline
8 8jungkook Youtube star 35.828 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
9 Pjqmin Youtube star 33.426 South Africa South Africa Offline
10 Bbrinaz Youtube star 16.401 Milan Milan Offline
11 Vussie Youtube star 13.889 Great Britain Great Britain Offline
12 Kizanasunobu Youtube star 11.377 Milan Milan Offline
13 Mushroom Streetmusician 6.331 Egypt Egypt Offline
14 Myamelon Streetmusician 5.874 Argentina Argentina Offline
15 Hikari88 Streetmusician 5.720 Brazil Brazil Offline
16 PICKLEPERS0N Streetmusician 4.441 Peru Peru Offline
17 Opalsunrays Streetmusician 3.728 Indonesia Indonesia Offline
18 Deumun Streetmusician 3.534 Indonesia Indonesia Offline
19 Moonie52 Streetmusician 3.528 New zealand New zealand Offline
20 Pippeliveikko Streetmusician 2.958 South Africa South Africa Offline
21 Ratumn Streetmusician 1.095 Great Britain Great Britain Offline
22 JiHoon Karaoke star 499 Australia Australia Offline
23 Astryella Karaoke star 499 New zealand New zealand Offline
24 GIRLMEETSEVIL Karaoke star 451 Great Britain Great Britain Offline