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Record label name: SLOWTOWN
Owner: Flor
Moderators: - Nabiku
Founded: 02-06-2016
Number of members: 15
Number of active members (last 72h): 0
Combined number of fans: 128.647
Country: USA
Number of successful tours: 0
Latest successful tour: Unknown



"So bold and fearless in the risks we take,
Laugh in the face of gravity as it's laws we'd break,
On trampolines so high, we reach for the sky, but I,
Do not look up anymore and I don't know why."


# Name Level Fans Country Online
1 Iero Youtube star 27.919 Japan Japan Offline
2 Helly22 National star 23.806 USA USA Offline
3 Maja005 Youtube star 21.609 Great Britain Great Britain Offline
4 Flor Youtube star 18.240 Paris Paris Offline
5 Private Youtube star 14.085 Spain Spain Offline
6 Dump Streetmusician 6.593 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
7 Nabiku Streetmusician 5.485 Japan Japan Offline
8 Az0res Streetmusician 5.370 Japan Japan Offline
9 Copper Streetmusician 1.475 New zealand New zealand Offline
10 Capri Streetmusician 992 Denmark Denmark Offline
11 DunwithJosh Streetmusician 979 Hollywood Hollywood Offline
12 MintMink Streetmusician 918 Spain Spain Offline
13 Katyah Streetmusician 780 USA USA Offline
14 Wasasabi Playback star 247 Argentina Argentina Offline
15 AlohaaXbellaa Playback star 149 Brazil Brazil Offline