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Rule updates 2022
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It's been a year since the rules were last updated and since then a few changes have happened to Virtualpopstar, which requires some new rules. We have added some new general rules but we have also worked together with the Design Team to bring some new official rules regarding the uploading system and designs. 

New general rules are:
- Talking about a banned user is not allowed, they are no longer able to reply to the forums and thus discussions about them or their ban are deemed unnecessary.

- Virtual Popstar aims to keep the community safe. Therefore we do not allow users to sell items for real currency, for another site's currency or allow users to beg for popdollars and/or credits. If you are found to be selling items such as art, or any other item for real currency or another site's currency through a thread or private message you will be warned or timed-out depending on how great the offence is. If you have been found to have bought an item for real money or another site's currency, you will receive a warning. All threads made selling items for real currency or another site's currency will be closed and informally warned.

(These rules have already been in place, however we have updated it to include off site currency/items. They were both in the original rules, it just didn't get transferred over, as well as the previous rule about banned users)

New rules regarding the uploading system and designs:
- Stealing, copying, or editing another user's design, an image from another artist, or an image from google is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, using any part of another design without permission, merging skins, copy and pasting items from google, and uploading "backgrounds" as a random google image. Doing any of the above will result in an official warning and you will be put on a 3 month probation period. During this time, you will be closely monitored when uploading designs and entering design competitions. If found to be continuing to break the rules, You will receive a timeout and be banished for 6 months from uploading any designs, submit anything for approval, or joining any design competitions.

- Inappropriate set IDs that contain sexual content, profanity of any kind, references to substance use, terrorism or discrimination are not permitted. If the ID is deemed inappropriate the set will not be approved and it will also result in a warning or time out, depending on the severity. Designs that contain sexual content (genitalia or nipples) are not allowed. The designs will not be approved and will result in a time out.

- Uploading Google images or other random images is not allowed. The images fill up the system and take unnecessary time from the Designers. If found to upload random images the item will not be approved and will result in a warning.

- Uploading stolen designs/items is strictly forbidden. If found to upload stolen designs/items the set will not be approved and will result in a warning or time out, depending on the severity.

The new rules have been added to the rule page, which you can find here.
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