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{rp} supernatural neighbourhood

for @ThugWorkout 

Luna // Connor
witch // werewolf

the ideas;

Gabbie Castiel & Connor Diamond
Connor has had his eye on Maia for a while now but angels are meant to steer clear of wolves as they are classed as dangerous and evil creatures. however Maia regularly seeing Connor has got her eager to get to know him more because hes a damn fine slice of pie. so when she gets invited to his place for a neighbourhood bbq how could she refuse?

Luna Farley & Dymitrius Diamond
Luna's family has been helping the brothers werewolf tribe for centuries and her grandma wants her to follow in the family 'destiny' however she has never had any interest in taking part in this future. So she moved out of her family home when she was young to attend schools and university far away and she has recently returned and is being pressured into at least trying it out. D is craving to be the alpha of the tribe but his father has been leaning towards picking someone else to replace him as alpha. So D sees an opportunity in Luna to use her to gain the power he desires


other characters;
Elder Evelyn - Lunas gran, RIP
Emmanuel - budding alpha
Michael - Alpha
Karl - Connor & D's dad 
Caroline - female werewolf, blood pack with Karl for D to get with her
Sasha - D's human fling / mother of his half breed child
Shaun - D's child
Kore - Demon, knows of Gabbie's myth
Angelette - Gabbies Mum
Christian - Gabbies Brother
Roman - Member of rival tribe
Seth - alpha of rival tribe
Kalen Farley - Luna's brother / human
Violet - Kalens daughter
Sierra - white haired werewolfff
Colton - werewolf being friendly to Sasha
Dr Carlisle - Sasha's doctor
Hugh - an arsehole werewolf
Eden - Uriels daughter, a pure angel
Dr Swan - warlock doctor
Trent - Vampire that attacked Connor & Gabbie (Deceased)

bookmarked pages
Gabbie & Connors Wedding Page 85
International star

Connor and his family had sent out the invitations for their neighbourhood barbecue at the start of the week and had spent much of the day setting up the garden. The majority of his tribe was in attendance and he knew that the gorgeous girl that lived beside them had accepted the invitation, so it was looking like a good day ahead. He strolled out of his house and into the large garden, a cold beer in his hand as he made his way over to his brother who was doing a pretty mean job at the bbq. A fair few of the guests had already arrived, "mmm smells amazing over here," he grinned, handing his brother a fresh beer from inside. Connor was wearing a pair of skinny dark blue jeans with some rips and a white v neck t shirt, finished with his white converse. 

Luna had arrived to her family home late last night and had lazily unpacked using her magic but fell asleep halfway through so most of her stuff was sprawled across the room. Her grandma had informed her over breakfast that they had been invited to a bbq hosted by the alpha of the tribe her gran helped. Luna had tried to protest but it got her nowhere, she was being made to go. Pulling on a high waisted dark plaid skirt with a black belt with a chain hanging down as well as a very short white crop top with her red lace bra peaking out at the bottom whenever she lifted her arms. To finish the look off she slipped into her well worn leather docs and followed her grandma next door. Her grandma walked into the garden as if she lived there, which she practically did considering she had spent her whole life helping this tribe. 
International star

D was in charge of cooking whilst his dad was off doing well, what every dad was good at doing during a bbq, panicking about the buns and the mustard and telling the worst jokes he could muster. their dad was probably one of the most laid back werewolves you'd ever meet and he didn't care about a whole lot apart from his family. taking the beer he clinked it against his brother's bottle and took a swig, flipping another couple of burgers over. everything was coming together and he was looking forward to getting to know their neighbours a little better. it was much better than the stupid family bbq's they normally had to host. "I know man, I think I might drop my degree and do this as a living." he joked.

Gabriella, or Gabbie, was getting herself ready for the bbq. it was just her and her mom heading round but her mom wasn't so interested, she just wanted the neighbourhood gossip more than anything, but Gabbie had her eyes on something a little different, someone a little different. the brothers who lived next door, they had always caught her eye, but the younger one just had something a little different to him and she was intrigued. she knew it was bad, after all he was a werewolf, but gabbie couldn't really help herself. she pulled on her sandals and buckled them up, picking up a couple of bottles of wine, she headed round to their house, knocking on the door and waiting. she was wearing a simple white off the shoulder top tucked into a pair of cute little shorts, her hair in a half up half down do.

Connor chuckled at his brothers comment, shaking his head and taking another swig, "it would be a great use of your talents y'know." his eyes danced around the garden, watching as their elder witch arrived but for the first time with someone else, "hey, do you know who that is with the elder?" he said, indicating at Luna but before he got any answer his dad called for him to greet the guests at the door while he panicked about not having enough drinks at the makeshift bar. "hold that thought," he said, heading inside and to the front door. He opened it with a smile, his eyes dancing from Gabriella to her mother, "Welcome ! come in both of you and just head to the back. There's drinks to the right and my brother is cooking up a storm on the left." he said with a smile as he held the door open for them.

Luna felt uncomfortable already as she watched her grandma vanish into a conversation with someone she didn't bother to introduce to her. Frowning a little she headed over to the makeshift bar where she recognised the man as being the owner of the house as she had seen him darting around last night when she had arrived. They had spoken very briefly, "thanks for inviting me, your garden is lovely." she said politely, picking a beer out of the cooler.

Connor and D's dad, Karl, grinned as he saw Luna approach, "ah Luna it is so good to properly meet you, I know you were tired last night. I'm glad you could make it, make yourself at home and help yourself to food, my son Dymitirus is working the barbie right now so just let him know what you want." he said before vanishing to busy himself elsewhere.
International star

Gabbie followed her mother in, keeping quiet. angels are to be seen, and not heard. she had had it drummed into her head way too many times, more than she wanted to count and so she smiled at connor, nodding her head. "thank you." she walked through the house, running her fingertips across the wall until she was outside, back in the sunshine, and she went straight over to the bar once her mother was busy with someone who she wanted to catch up with. pouring herself a cola and sneaking a little vodka into the cup, she slipped a straw in it before finding a chair to lounge in, closing her eyes to soak up some rays. she was here for the forbidden eye candy and nothing more.

D shook his head at their father. "jesus christ man has he got nothing more to do tha be a busy body? he's worse than mom.." he smirked just a little, watching connor walk off he flipped a few cooked things onto  plate, so that people could pick whatever they wanted, taking another swig of his beer. lifting his eyes when he heard an unfamiliar voice, his ears perking up slightly. wow, who the hell was this chick and why hadn't they been introduced earlier? he waved one hand to her, looking at the eder which, and then back to the girl. aah, he could see the family resemblance immediately. she was the daughter they chose not to speak of. "hello." he said simply, when his eyes met hers. 

Connor tried to keep his eyes in an appropriate place, not wanting to disrespect her on their first proper meeting. In fact, he had never really talked to any angels until now and the reality was that neither of them really spoke. He watched as she headed out back and then went back to the door to welcome a few other families in. Finally he was able to go back into the garden and he spotted that Gabriella was sitting on her own, he wondered over to her and smiled, "hey mind if I sit with you?" he said, nodding to the seat next to her but lowered himself into it before she said anything more, "we haven't been properly introduced, I'm Connor." he said putting his hand out to her.

Luna thanked Karl again for the heads up on the food, taking a sip from the beer bottle and turning her gaze in the direction of his son. To be fair, he was rather easy on the eye which was unexpected and her grandma had definitely failed to mention that part about her beloved werewolves. "hey," she said plainly as she walked over to where he was, her eyes looking across the food he was making, taking another sip of her beer. She didn't entirely know what to say to him, small talk had never been her strongest asset. Her gaze shifted from him and back to the rest of the garden, "weird group of folk here," she said simply, taking another drink of beer. There was at least a dozen werewolves, a pair of angels, and maybe a vampire or two that didn't seem entirely comfortable.
International star

Gabriella liked to people watched, she kept herself to herself but she always knew what was going on around her, she didn't miss a trick. she lifted her head and smiled when connor came over to her. he was definitely the more attractive brother. though D had caught her eyes a couple of times, connor had a twinkle in his eye that she couldn't resist. but she had to. werewolves were forbidden, they were bad apples from the tree and she wasn't allowed anywhere near them, as far as her mother was concerned. "I know, I can't believe we're neighbours and we hardly know each other." she shook his hand and smiled. "i'm gabriella, you can call me whatever you want though."

D finished off cooking whatever was on the barbecue for now and closed the lid, no one seemed actually all that interested in the food and more the drink, so D gave it up and continued sipping on his beer. his eyes were drawn to her hair, it was so light it was almost blonde, it was a colour he'd never seen before. most of the witches he'd interested with only had streaks of the blonde, he wondered why hers was so different. "yeah us werewolves are a weird bunch, we'll make friends with almost anyone. anyone that will accept us." he chuckled, looking round at everyone. "so are you just home for the summer, luna?"

Connor was always a very confident person, but not in an arrogant or egotistical way. Even when they were kids he was the kind of person that would love standing in front of a class to present. So talking to girls and new people in general came naturally to him, "It's ridiculous!" he chuckled, shaking her hand politely before pulling it away from her again, "that's a lovely name," he said, "I'm not sure calling you Miss Whatever quite has the same ring to it." he chuckled again, taking a sip of his beer. "hopefully it hasn't been too much of a nightmare having to live next to us, I know werewolves can make for rather frustrating neighbours."

Luna watched as his eyes questioned her appearance, many others did too. She wasn't your typical witch, in fact far from it. She had never gone through training with her coven and had instead taught herself much of what she knew. "that makes a lot of sense I suppose," she said simply, sipping from the beer bottle once again. She was surprised the he even knew her name, her family rarely talked about her due to how disappointed in her they were. "actually I graduated early, so I'm here until I've saved enough to leave.. though my grandma thinks otherwise." 
International star

Gabriella liked that he managed to keep up the conversation. it wasn't that she didn't like talking to people, she was just never really allowed to stray from her mother's list of people she allowed her to talk to. and werewolves definitely weren't on the list, in fact she was quite surprised that her mother had even let her attend the party without having to stay by her side. "ha ha aren't you so funny." she teased, taking a sip through her straw, feeling the alcohol in her veins already. "it's not so bad, i've never really realised.. it's only really your transformations and the howling now and again."

D quickly pulled his eyes from her hair and back to her face, he'd definitely been staring for longer than he should have. clearing his throat, he nodded to a patch of grass that was in the sun. "shall we? i don't particularly like to waste my energy standing." he went over, walking behind her, he sat himself on the grass, stretching his legs in front of him. Dymitrius was a little bit more of a show off, and was wearing a pair of denim shorts with a white linen shirt that was left undone, his tribal printed tattoos on display. "oh wow you've already graduated huh? that's cool. I'm almost there." he nodded slowly.

Connor liked her little laugh, unsurprisingly it was just as angelic as he could have expected it to be. "Ah I'm glad to hear that." he said nodding his head a little bit as he sipped from his beer a little. His eyes moving over to his brother, not at all surprised he had attached himself to the mysterious girl. "thankfully being a part of this tribe allows us to have a lot more control over our transformations, makes life a little bit more manageable." he looked back over to Gabriella, her skin looked so soft in the glow of the sun, "tell me a bit about yourself, I must admit I don't know a lot about angels and their way of life." 

Luna nodded her head in agreement, glad he had finally pulled his animal like eyes away from her hair. She lowered herself to the ground, making sure her skirt covered her properly before stretching her legs out in front of her. She had intricate tattoos that represented runes along her right upper thigh. It was hard to deny that she wasn't finding D insanely attractive but she was also trying to be defiant to her grandmas wishes and didn't want to seem interested in this entire affair, "yeah it's pretty cool," she said, sipping at her beer again before looking at him, "what is it your studying? how to howl in morose code to the moon?" she said with a smirk across her lips.
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Gabbie pushed her sunglasses onto her head so she could look at him properly while he was talking, taking in all his glory. good lord he was even better up close, instead of a simple passing by, this was real talk. "well that's good to know. I just kind of thought it was all the same, I don't really understand it." she admitted, finishing the drink in her cup, resting it down between her thighs, her fingers fiddling with the straw. "we're kind of boring until we graduate from heaven. i've not done that yet so I can't do a lot. I do have my wings though, which is cool." she laughed a little. she wasn't ever allowed to reveal them, she'd only seen them once herself.

D knew he was a little intimidating but it was his natural instincts, his aims in life were to be the alpha and it was hard fight to get to the top, but he was doing well so far. he'd already beaten connor, but that wasn't so hard, connor had always said he wasn't interested in the position. dymitirus, on the other hand, couldn't wait to have the power in his hands,to start his own line of strong wolves. it was the dream. "how did they let you graduate so early? I didn't realise that was a thing they did so often." he finished off his beer, chucking the empty bottle in a rubber basket that was holding all the empties. "hah, if only it was that easy. no i'm doing a masters in the psychology of tribe mentality, actually."

"Don't worry about it, we are a lot more complicated than the folklore will have you believe," Connor SAID, before leaning back in the seat as he listened to her speaking, taking a few more sips of his beer until it was finished. "That's pretty cool though, incredible how they stay hidden as well. Sort of like your own little secret? At least, that's how I view my hidden side." he added, not wanting to have offended her. He glanced at her drink, "want a refill?" he said with a smile across his lips. He had always been a very generous guy and while he had no interest in taking over as alpha he had always wanted to do his best for the tribe family. As he grew up he found that mentality stretched to those around him outwit the tribe.

Luna ran a hand through her hair, moving it out of the way of her face before looking over to Dymitirus, "according to my professors I should incredible talent and in so perfectly in tune with ancient magic that he had no more he could teach me," she smiled a little. It was something she was incredibly proud of, even if many of the Elders frowned upon as ancient magic can be incredibly dangerous. "and what do they teach you there? how to know when the other needs to go potty?" she chuckled, looking away from him. "but seriously thats pretty cool." she said, not wanting to be a complete bitch straight off the bat.
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Gabbie sighed quietly. she felt pathetic, she'd been so sheltered from the evil in the world she didn't even know where to begin when he spoke about tribes and things, all she'd ever been told was that wolves were inherently evil and to stay as far away from them as possible. but how could she when connor was making her feel so welcome? "do not many people know what you look like when you're transformed, then? also is that the right word.. please correct me if i'm not saying the right things." she nodded, holding her cup to him, debating on what to have. "cola with just a dash of vodka, please." she ran her fingers through her short hair.

D tilted his head, he could see her face a little better now, wow she was a beauty. and by the sounds of things, brains too. that was two things he could tick off the list. his family had always been close to the elders but he had never taken much notice. he wanted his own tribe one day and he couldn't wait for the day to start his own, new traditions. "that's actually really impressive." he admitted, looking over at her. he didn't know a lot about magic but it had been used a fair few times in front of him, and to protect him. he respected it, a lot. "its to get me higher up in the chain, actually. i'll be alpha eventually, and I wanna know exactly what it takes to get there."he looked over at the barbecue. "fancy some grub?"

Connor nodded his head when she asked, "transformed is right don't worry, but yeah not many people really know. Those in my tribe and perhaps some of my rivals but its a very intimate thing that I don't share with people just for the sake of it, you know?" he said before getting to his feet and taking her glass, "I'll be back in a second," he smiled, wondering over to the makeshift bar and and grabbing himself another beer and filling her glass just as instructed. Once finished he came back over and handed her the glass, "for you m'lady," he said before sitting back down beside her. "this must all feel a bit weird for you, being surrounded by so many people you don't really know?"

Luna laughed lightly, impressive was an understatement but there was no way a werewolf could ever understand that. But when he spoke about wanting to be an alpha she raised her brow slightly, "alpha huh? that's pretty ambitious but you sound pretty confident about it." she looked over towards the barbecue and nodded, "yeah I'm starving actually," she said getting back up to her feet and brushing her skirt out once she was standing before finishing off the last of her beer. Picking up a fresh one for the two of them she passed the bottle to him as they moved over to the food. "My gran is hoping this whole.. thing will encourage me to take over her role." she said finally, not entirely sure why she wanted to tell him.
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Gabbie was a little relived that she'd got at least something right. All she knew was the bad stuff, the killing, the animal instinct in them that took over her whole being. it petrified her slightly but she wanted to see it for real, not in the comfort of her room at home where her mother fed her endless lies. "thaaank you very kindly." she took the cup from him and took a couple of sips, okay so it was a little stronger than her first but she'd manage. she'd just have to slow it down a little. "it's a little scary, I must admit. not a lot of people really understand what my family are.. and they just think we're goodie two shoes. which they aren't wrong."

D wanted to get to know her a little more, he found it so fascinating that already in her short life she had mastered so much. he felt he had a lot of street smarts about him, but he definitely wasn't academically clever. he went over to the barbecue and picked up a couple of sausages, popping them in buns and putting them on paper plates, passing her one, drizzling his own with mustard and ketchup, he took a big bite. "and what is that role, exactly? sorry, i'm a bit nosy, you're grandma is just cool." he laughed quietly, he had always gotten on well with her grandma, ever since he was a young boy, they had only met in passing, that's how he vaguely knew luna. of course as soon as schooling started they had drifted into their own world.
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