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Frequently asked questions

The culture of VP – About general Etiquette and Time-Outs


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Welcome to VirtualPopstar, a very open-minded, young adult community dress-up game. Virtual Popstar has a very easy-going community compared to many other dress-up games, and it allows you to discuss more young adult subjects without risking getting banned from the site. You can talk about your day, get advice or just have fun and make new friends for life!

However, this doesn’t mean you can just do and say anything as there are certain etiquette we need to respect.

VP has a small user base and has a very low bar to join. Although it might seem scary in the beginning to join in on a conversation on the forum, you will be treated with open arms and respect; kind of like moving into a small village where everyone already knows each other. But be assured that all the villagers are excited to meet new habitants.
Teams (please find a more detailed description of the different teams below)
 On VP, our volunteers are valued and respected by both users and staff members. They are the ones who host big events, design clothes, create content for social media, etc.

imageThe English server has two Admins and you can find them by clicking on the red ‘A’ in the top right corner of the home page.

Note that they are volunteers as well, so keep that in mind when interacting with them in the forums. 
 The owner of VP is VP-Etjen, who is mostly in the forums to share development updates.
Time-outs and bans
If you break the rules, you will get either a warning or a time-out. The duration of the time-out varies and can be anything between one minute and 15 years. The latter is called a ban.

A ban is only given when a user repeatedly breaks the rules and refuses to change their behaviour. All access from the site is then blocked, but the chance of getting banned is low.
Cancel culture
 Although VP generally doesn't use the term 'cancel culture', you will probably feel unwelcome in the forums if you act bigoted and have a history of discrimination on VP. This includes, but is not limited to: racism, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, ableism, and xenophobia. 
 Making call-out posts is not allowed on VP, so if you disagree with someone, the best solution is to use the report button.
Interacting with minors
Although the general user is 18+, there are still minors on this website. Discussing mature topics is allowed in the Mature Content Section which is owned and moderated by the mods. 
 It is uncommon to get scammed by another user on VP and doing so results in punishment. Therefore, there is no need to create a so-called 'trust topic'. You can look at VP as a neighbourhood where the doors don't get locked in daytime - we trust our neighbours and treat them with respect, even if you don't share the same opinions.
You've joined VP at the right time! VP has just gotten out of its two-year hiatus with both the Admins x Designerteam and the owner Etjen working on several new features. 


All of our designs are created by volunteers. Therefore, we don't speak negatively about peoples' artwork and, even if you may dislike a design, don't unnecessarily criticize it. 
Even if you are not a badged designer, you are welcome to create a design to make it come in game. You can post your WIP's in the Design Chat.
You can find a thread specifically directed towards new users here.


Below you will find the different groups and a brief description of their responsibilities:



Players with this badge ensure that the site remains safe and that everyone follows the rules. This is all about monitoring foul and inappropriate language, making sure that players are not spammed or bullied, and assuring everyone is behaving nicely.

When you break a rule, you can expect a warning or a time-out (temporary account block) from one of them. People with bad intentions also get an IP address and account block. 

News Team and blog team

All members who belong to this group, ensure that new and informative articles are published online almost daily.

Some articles are good, and this section could contain several ads to increase passive earnings. 

Competition Team

These members create competitions for the players where there are fun prizes to be won, such as credits and exclusive limited-edition clothing sets! 

The designers

These players design 80% to 90% of the clothes that are sold on Virtual Popstar. However, players without a badge can also design and submit clothing items, but they can only be approved by players with a designer’s badge. If you do this regularly and if you belong to the best, you get the chance to become a Designer and get the badge. 

Everyone can earn real money if their design is picked for the Mega Credit Set Week (MCW).

The YouTube Team

These people make all kinds of videos and post them on Virtual Popstar and on YouTube.

The Social Media Team

The name already says it. These players maintain the social media accounts of VirtualPopstar, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Tumbler… 

Forum Team

This team organizes activities on the forum and creates one or more topics every day where players talk to each other about a certain topic of the day. 

Promotion Team

This is a badge that players can earn by introducing new members via a personal unique promotion link. Players can also earn promotion points which is a currency you receive by promoting Virtual Popstar.

The Admins

For each language/site we have an ‘Admin’. The admin oversees the site and is ultimately responsible for all teams. This is the person who does most of the work and the admin has the power to award a badge to a player in consultation with other team members. 

There is one Admin for the Dutch site, one for the German site and two Admins for the English site. 


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