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No one will read this1608-10-2020 21:42

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The continuation, perhaps? 
For months he had been in isolation. Naturally, being isolated from others is not something humans enjoy as it is against the very nature of our species. No one had believed a word he had said, and of course that makes sense. There was no evidence left, nothing to indicate what had really happened. When the others came it was already too late. No proof that there had ever been anyone, or perhaps rather anything, else there. The only logical explanation was that he had committed the horror that met them. Exactly how this was done was a mystery. Unsolvable, even. He did not know either, he could not offer any explanation to how it had happened, and whenever he had attempted to say what he had seen the only thing that met him was nasty looks and whispering. It was always something along the lines of "The kid is crazy". It makes sense, the unknown or unfamiliar is not something that is sufficient in any trial of any sort. 
After attempting to explain it several times, he eventually reached the conclusion that resistance was futile. He could not do anything but accept the judgement, the conclusion, the verdict. Speaking the truth only resulted in him being sent somewhere else. Allegedly a place that could help him. What on earth did they know, though? They would not listen to what he said, they did not believe a word that exited his mouth. Nothing would change that. His only options were lying, or silence. Perhaps he picked the wrong option. Regardless, the outcome would be nearly identical. And how do we even decide whether lies or silence is the correct way to proceed? Silence or screaming, what is even the difference at this point. No one is listening, there is no point of anything. At least he was safe, they could not reach him where he was. Or could they? What would happen if they could get to him, would they do anything to him, would he be able to escape... Would he escape or would he perhaps rather just accept whatever was happening, what are the chances that would be worse than what was happening to him now. What would anyone pick between a twisted reality and a disturbed mind? At this point it was a guarantee loss whatever happened. There is no accept for deviating behaviour, and there is no accept for claims or even evidence suggesting that reality is not whatever has been concluded already at this point. 
Would they come? Did he fear it or want it? No concluding answer. Of course not. That would be to easy, and it cannot be easy. Easy is not interesting. Difficult is intriguing, but we are all prone to giving up when it is too difficult. Would giving up because of difficulty be the easy way? He had no idea what giving up would be anymore, no matter what he did it was all equally bad. How had this happened, why had it happened and also just a general what the actual fuck had happened? 
He was no longer certain what he had seen, what he had thought, what he had felt. Nothing was certain, but had it ever been? The only thing that is certain is the end, and even when he felt it was nearer than ever he was not even able to reach the end. But is there anything beyond the end? What would that be? 
Was he scared? Not even someone without feelings would be capable of being completely removed from the overwhelming sense of fear, horror. Any minor sound would take him back, but the brain is faulty. The memory is twisted. Did he remember it as better or worse than it had been? The sounds he heard, the changes of light, the slightest change, honestly even the lack of change in his environment. Everything, absolutely everything, made him anxious. They were certainly coming for him. They had to. Why wouldn't they? Is this vague, of course it is vague. It has to be vague. Reality is vague. What he experience is vague. He does not know what is going on, and neither should you. It is unclear to him at this point, and it is unclear to you. But I, the narrator. I know. And I know what is about to happen, and very reluctantly I will tell you. You should not want to know about it, and if you don't want to know about it, you can pretend like it did not happen to him. But in this world, in this reality, it did happen to him. Of course it had happened before, and of course it would happen again. There was never any evidence suggesting what had happened, whenever these things were found, it was always a mystery what had happened. How on earth could it happen? It was a mystery to everyone who ever came to encounter it. Humans are weird, and for some reason the consensus was always to remain quiet about the details. Everything that was impossible to explain, anything illogical, was always omitted from reports, from stories. Always. Always had been, and always would be. Whenever it happened again, there was never any former reports or stories about the previous times it had happened. The new idiots met with this would be horrified, but it remained between them. And it never happened so that the same people saw it. Why not? Why would it. Only mortals get caught.. or? 
He could not do anything but scream, at least that was what he thought he was doing, he was sure they would return. It was only a matter of time. 

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And now we wait till june
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And now we wait till june
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biggest Fi moment from mymlen themselves /j very nice, very vague too and i remain curious until No three will read this