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 ReportDreamer Record Label

Do you remember the Lone Wolves?

Well, it closed a while ago
and won't be back,
but the

record label opens its gates.

For now we're open for everyone.
We don't have a niche we'll focus on this time.
We'll have some random activities and events
and most likely that's it.
It will be what you make it to be,
if you talk, it will have discussion,
if not, then it won't. :'D

What we have planned:
- Daily Tours
- Weekly Tour Participation Reward
- Monthly Outfit Raffles
- Monthly Logbooks
- Fashion Contest Parties
- Occasional random events

Join us!
 Apply here: 

Founded: 07-06-2020
Opened: 28-12-2020

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Private wrote on 23-02 20:06:
Noemie wrote:
Brynhild wrote:
Soo happy to hear that you made a new RL !
Oh, haha, it was all sudden and not really a planned decision... :d
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Brynhild wrote on 23-02 11:35:
Brynhild wrote:
Soo happy to hear that you made a new RL ! :d
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Private wrote on 23-02 08:31:
Noemie wrote:
Ooh, I forgot we have this...

►[Event] Goodbye Winter
Post a song for a farewell winter party
and create an outfit inspired by it.

Event Time
22.2 - 28.2

✘ [Event] Wake Up Or Keep Dreaming
Surreal dress up comp.

Event time
15.2 - 21.2

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Private wrote on 11-02 20:18:
Noemie wrote:
► [Event] Shooting Star Dress Up

Manager set & 6 months manager

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Private wrote on 06-02 12:58:
Noemie wrote:
► [Event] Shopping Spree Dress Up

Prize: 1000 Credits
Event time:

20:00 PM - 21:00 PM (CET)
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Private wrote on 03-02 13:46:
Noemie wrote:
███ Newsletter! #1

This month's keywords:

  dreams    stars    pink

► [Event] Raffle ~ February
1.2 - 12.2
Prize: this outfit

Shooting Star Dress Up
8.2 - 14.2

Wake Up Or Keep Dreaming Dress up
15.2 - 21.2

Goodbye Winter Dress up
22.2 - 28.2

Ongoing events
► [Event] Logbook ~ February
►[Event] Record Label Tour Participation
►[Event] Dreamer Dress up
► [Event] Fashion Contest TOP
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Nafas wrote on 09-01 23:34:
Nafas wrote:
 I'm thrilled So happy to see you're running a rl again, I've been away a while too,
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Private wrote on 08-01 10:47:
Noemie wrote:
►[Event] Raffle ~ January
To make up for the missing tours. 

Starting off with something casual.

Items included:

If a male wins, they get 200cr.
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Private wrote on 01-01 19:03:
Noemie wrote:
►[Event] Dreamer Dress up
 20 Credits participation prize
You can submit up to 5 outfits.


Those of you, who were in the LoneWolves,
will be familiar with this. c:

►[Event] Logbook January

 30-20-10 Credits
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Private wrote on 29-12 07:38:
Rochellette wrote:
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Private wrote on 29-12 07:29:
Noemie wrote:
Weekly Reward: 
Like what we used to have,
then we'll see.
 20 credits and  5000 popdollars