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Private wrote on 10-12 01:03:
Aimz wrote:
Ffffffffff I missed the deadline but going to post what I made anyway because I think it looks cool lol
Report | Quote
Private wrote on 09-12 23:56:
Babooshka wrote:
I'm sorry BT, I couldn't finish it. :/
Good luck everyone!
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Libertas wrote on 07-12 17:33:
Libertas wrote:
Lovejojjo wrote:
sounds fun, where can I do my layout?
I would recommend you to read this blog by Tezzica, she explains how you can create a blog layout you can use in VP c:
Report | Quote
Lovejojjo wrote on 04-12 22:35:
Lovejojjo wrote:
sounds fun, where can I do my layout?
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Libertas wrote on 04-12 22:21:
Libertas wrote:
Bump c:
Report | Quote
Hailee wrote on 03-12 16:03:
Hailee wrote:
Bump :)
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Cimorene wrote on 01-12 18:34:
Cimorene wrote:
Libertas wrote:
Cimorene wrote:
Now I have to actually *find* our christmas recipes 
Do it so I can try them during Christmas 
I will!  Only problem is that my grandma has most of them...
Report | Quote
Libertas wrote on 01-12 18:27:
Libertas wrote:
Cimorene wrote:
Now I have to actually *find* our christmas recipes 
Do it so I can try them during Christmas ;)
Report | Quote
Private wrote on 01-12 15:21:
Jen wrote:
good luck ! :3
Report | Quote
Cimorene wrote on 01-12 13:31:
Cimorene wrote:
Now I have to actually *find* our christmas recipes 
Report | Quote
Wisteria wrote on 01-12 11:04:
Wisteria wrote:
would have joined but none of the topics interest me at all. good luck to those who join!
Report | Quote
Libertas wrote on 01-12 07:27:
Libertas wrote:
Looking forward to read all your magazines :3 
Report | Quote
Baileyyrosee wrote on 01-12 02:46:
Baileyyrosee wrote:
im excited!!
Report | Quote
Private wrote on 01-12 00:57:
Vig wrote:
This sounds interesting!
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Jyoti wrote on 01-12 00:23:
Jyoti wrote:
Report | Quote
Private wrote on 01-12 00:18:
Babooshka wrote:
Report | Quote
Private wrote on 01-12 00:16:
Selby wrote:
m8 you're on
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Hailee wrote on 30-11 23:59:
Hailee wrote:
If you guys have any questions refer to this forum 
Report | Quote
Private wrote on 30-11 23:52:
Rad wrote:
Report | Quote
Private wrote on 30-11 23:45:
Myrcella wrote:
exciting !!!