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Godis wrote on 11-02 22:41:
Godis wrote:
Luminescence wrote:
Godis wrote:
I really love this blog and I really love the layout!
@luminescence  @Azriel 
Thank you so much, comments like these make us very happy! <3
You Welcome!
How nice!
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Private wrote on 11-02 22:36:
Luminescence wrote:
Godis wrote:
I really love this blog and I really love the layout!
@luminescence  @Azriel 
Thank you so much, comments like these make us very happy! <3
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Private wrote on 11-02 22:35:
Luminescence wrote:
Antisocial wrote:
Great article!
My answers to the quiz:
1. C
2. B
3. this one i don't know so im going to guess C ;o
All others right expect for the last one. Check the bottom right corner if you want to see correct answers! Also thank you ☺️💖
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Godis wrote on 11-02 22:27:
Godis wrote:
I really love this blog and I really love the layout!
@luminescence  @Azriel 
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Antisocial wrote on 11-02 22:05:
Antisocial wrote:
Great article!
My answers to the quiz:
1. C
2. B
3. this one i don't know so im going to guess C ;o
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Private wrote on 11-02 20:03:
Luminescence wrote:
Thank you everyone for the kind comments so far! 🌻💛
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Djinn wrote on 11-02 19:08:
Djinn wrote:
I don't think so, but who knows?? It would be cool if it were true. But a lot of the legend seems too far fetched. 
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Private wrote on 11-02 18:35:
Azriel wrote:
Hennastii wrote:
It's wonderful!  @luminescence @Azriel
Thank you!!! <3
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Hennastii wrote on 11-02 18:31:
Hennastii wrote:
It's wonderful!  @luminescence @Azriel
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Delewie wrote on 11-02 16:59:
Delewie wrote:
Luminescence wrote:
Looks like you saved the best one for last  Nah just kidding, glad to finally see this out!! 

You did so good!
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Private wrote on 11-02 16:41:
Luminescence wrote:
Looks like you saved the best one for last  Nah just kidding, glad to finally see this out!! 
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Private wrote on 11-02 16:36:
Azriel wrote: