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 ReportUseful? - Writing
"Are you useful?”
“Are you useful?”
“No, are you useful?”
“Good, I don’t understand why you don’t think you are.”
(....If I could tell you, I would.)
Don’t force the words into my mouth,
Similar to ash as I cower like a mouse.
I know my worth, I know my youth.
This is my truth as I yearn to be let loose.
I can fly, I’ve seen the sights
There’s so much I can accomplish before night.
But I can’t do so, with
The doubt you make me feel—So go.
I need to find my own wings,
(you can’t force me)
Ones un-bothered by the rain.
Your insistence to flood my world with your own,
And never let my opinion be known.
It has turned me into a hollow,
A husk of who I was, no longer a swallow.
So how can I fly,
When all I’ve known is how to cry?
A frustration of lacking and not partaking,
An inability to do anything—
I have much fear - so scared - and tired;
The words I knew so well having expired.
I’ve lost the game and the rhyme,
The rhythm that plays in my mind.
There’s only the creeping sensation,
Of a passion that’s lost all creation.
So in what way can I regain my inspiration,
These wings that lost all ignition.
I want to fly, spread my wings
And take to the skies.
I miss the wind, the sea within
Save me from the storm’s eyes.
Since I’m not a coward,
Only clipped wings no longer enabled.
“Are you useful?”
“Sometimes.” (Life is full of uncertainties)
“Are you useful?”
“Sometimes.” (And I just want to fly)
“No, are you useful?”
“...Yes.” (I want to believe, but how can I?)
“Good, I don’t understand why you don’t think you are.”
(....If I could tell you, would I?)

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