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BC: The Tale of Team Orange (by Private)

Once upon a time, there was a continent called Virtual Popstar, or VP for short. The continent was split into many countries, and one of these was known as Event Land. The rulers of Event Land had decided they needed more people on the council that ruled the country, and so they had sent out announcements to near and far, inviting brave and creative souls to come to their country for a chance at showing themselves worthy for a spot on the Event Land council. People came from all over the world, with many different skill sets. The hopefuls were split into two teams, Team Purple and Team Orange.


This is the story of Team Orange.


The team consists of the hosts Callum, Cimorene, Godis and Vig, the layouters Azriel and Chlorine, and the designer Lily. In order to fulfill the quest the leaders of Event Land gave them and compete for a seat at the high table, the team has to work together and use their different skills to complete three challenges.


But does Team Orange have what it takes to complete their quest?
Team Orange travel far down the forests and through the land of VP until they find a scroll containing the upmost important information, it read:


"Greetings, to whom this may concern, let your creativity shine! Explore and gain inspiration from the land around you. I want to see as many magnificent ensembles as possible relating to the land."


The Orange Team challenge you to dress up and show up! Can you make an outfit inspired by The Orange Team's trip?


Click for more information

Deadline: May 6th 11:59 CEST:



Questone Prize

Designs by Lily

The journey continues for the courageous Team Orange, but fatigue soon reaches them on their path. They stop to take a short rest under an old oak tree when the observant Callum noticed yet another scroll containing information for the next Quest attached to the tree which reads:


“Once upon a time, was a much easier time - a time where the joys of reading flourished across nations. You are challenged to get as many people to look back on these times and reflect on their fairy tale memories!”



The Orange Team challenges you to a Fairy tale Quiz Night! How much do you remember from the fairy tales of your childhood?



This is a live-quiz, one night only event.


Time until Quiz starts:




Join the quest here


After successfully completing the second quest, Team Orange continued their travel through the forest.


It felt like they had been walking through the forest for ages, but finally they reached the end of the forest. After exciting the dark and gloomy forest, they continued walking until they reached a big river with a bridge across. Far downriver, they could see the river reach the ocean, and they managed to spot some black sails far in the horizon. Straight ahead, across the river, they knew the Event Land Castle, their final destination, lay, and they could spot the spires in the distance. Looking upriver, they saw a huge mountain, and was that the shadow of a dragon?!


Team Orange quickly looked at each other, terrified, and hid behind some nearby bushes. Thankfully, the dragon turned back towards the mountain without paying them any attention. After the dragon was gone, Team Orange came out of their hiding places and walked to the bridge. However, just as they had stepped onto it, a giant, angry-looking troll with a big, spiked club appeared at the other end. It shouted to them:


“If you want to pass this bridge you have to defeat me first!”


Team Orange quickly realised that this was their third quest. However, trolls are hard to defeat, so the team needed to make a strategy for how to beat it.


Team Orange challenges your knowledge on villains and other evil things!


If you successfully help us gather information so we can beat this troll, we will in return provide you with a disguise that can fool any villain.


Enter the quest here


Thanks to all the help of the VP community, Team Orange gathered enough information about villains to make a strategy and defeat the troll guarding the bridge.


Finally they could cross the bridge and reach the Event Land castle. There, the rulers of Event Land were waiting for them, ready to evaluate their journey and see if they were fit for a spot on the Event Land council.


Until that happens, the Orange Team can now rest from their journey. However, they wouldn’t have made it without the help they received. Team Orange would therefore like to thank all those creative and knowledgeable souls without whom it wouldn’t have been possible to complete the quests. No matter what the rulers of Event Land decide, the members of Team Orange will surely have many more quests in the future. But hopefully, they will all live happily ever after.


As a sign of our appreciation, here you have a gift:


F: OrangesForAllTheFemales


M: OrangesForAllThemMales


Remember to only claim on your main account, and do not share the code with anyone. We will be checking for sides.

Team Orange

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Godis wrote on 24-05 20:25:
Godis wrote:
Katkali wrote:
I want a gift 😭
@katkaliΒ  I understand, but unfortunately, the code has expired.
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Katkali wrote on 24-05 10:19:
Katkali wrote:
I want a gift 😭
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Katkali wrote on 24-05 10:16:
Katkali wrote:
I want a gift 😭
Report | Quote | X
Cimorene wrote on 16-05 15:36:
Cimorene wrote:
Beyondeternal wrote:
Thank you so much Team Orange!Β 
You're welcome!
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Beyondeternal wrote on 16-05 14:48:
Beyondeternal wrote:
Thank you so much Team Orange!Β 
Report | Quote | X
Godis wrote on 16-05 13:04:
Godis wrote:
I hope you all like the gift!

You Welcome everyone!Β 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 16-05 12:16:
Appealingly wrote:
Thanks for the gift!
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 16-05 12:13:
Azriel wrote:
I hope u guys like it 🧑
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 16-05 11:08:
Chlorine wrote:
I can’t believe this tale is over 😒
Hopefully you all enjoy your gift from us🧑
Report | Quote | X
Cimorene wrote on 16-05 10:02:
Cimorene wrote:
Thank you everyone for following our story! We have had a lot of fun, and we hope you guys had too 🍊
Report | Quote | X
Callum wrote on 16-05 10:01:
Callum wrote:
who’s ready for a gift? we’ve had an amazing time on orange team and we hoped you enjoyed too! 🧑
Report | Quote | X
Allie wrote on 16-05 10:00:
Allie wrote:
Is that a new page?
Report | Quote | X
Cimorene wrote on 14-05 15:29:
Cimorene wrote:
We still need some help on how to deal with villains! 🍊
Report | Quote | X
Cutieboase wrote on 14-05 02:52:
Cutieboase wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 13-05 00:07:
Chlorine wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Godis wrote on 12-05 18:37:
Godis wrote:
Are you ready?
Report | Quote | X
Callum wrote on 12-05 18:30:
Callum wrote:
well, the time has come for our final quest!

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