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He would be very sad, so i dont think you would want to do that!
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ET: Barbie world (by Aria )

Hello Barbies and Kens!
Welcome to the pink world of Barbie!

To celebrate the end of summer, ET has prepared for you 3 events inspired by Barbie!

ET would like to encourage you to participate in the events planned for this series!

For the first event, you need to create your own Barbie outfit, check here for more info!
The second event would take place on Friday(August 11th)

For the last event in this series, you would need to be creative and dress up your paper doll, more information will be available August 16th!
Poll: Have you watched the new Barbie film?

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Crybabie wrote on 03-12 13:54:
Crybabie wrote:
I want a pink vp  it’s so beautiful 
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Nick1929 wrote on 02-11 00:45:
Nick1929 wrote:
very cool 
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Amitt wrote on 31-10 10:30:
Amitt wrote:
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Kamiyaa wrote on 07-10 16:15:
Kamiyaa wrote:

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