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Roswell 👽 (by Private)

Greetings, welcome to ET's third installment in our space competition, Roswell.

This month we'll be exploring Jupiter.
Did you know Jupiter has the largest presence in pop culture?
For more information about Jupiter CLICK HERE

For this competition, you will create an outfit based off of a character from a space themed film or television show. CLICK HERE to visit our thread.

FUN FACT: Roswell is a 1999 series that aired until 2002. This television show is the main influence for our series! Over the last few months, we have tried to incorporate different aspects of the show into our competitions.

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Your1Freind wrote on 03-03 17:34:
Your1Freind wrote:
hiya people
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Private wrote on 09-08 21:03:
Remains wrote:
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Private wrote on 07-08 12:56:
Era wrote:
I hope y'all are excited for this 😏😎
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Private wrote on 06-08 01:56:
Rochellette wrote:

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