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ET: Game Night (by Caprisun )

Hello VeePee!

Join ET for GAME NIGHT. A (maybe recurring) event where we get all the gamers together and compete to find the one true gamer of Virtual Popstar (or just have some fun). 

To start everything off we will put on our gaming gear and, as usual on VP, have a dress-up competition! For this competition you will need to pick a game and make an outfit inspired by it. More info is in the thread linked below:


We will also be holding a “Who’s that pokémon” competition to celebrate the release of the new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet release! Join us this weekend with the link below:


After we all have our gaming gear on, the real gaming can begin! The first game will be Drawful 2, the date is to be determined but the link will be added below when decided!


All earlier game night will be linked below here, but for now it will be empty


Layout by Caprisun and Tsuyu

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Djinn wrote on 19-11 12:37:
Djinn wrote:
YES, I love Drawful!! :)
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Pastelgreen wrote on 18-11 17:23:
Pastelgreen wrote:
oeeeee such a nice layout! and sounds fun; a ga me night

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