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Summertime Events (by Private)

Hello, dear VP players

It's June. It's warm. The sun's out. It's summertime!

The Event Team will be hosting a series of summer-themed events running in June, July and August. These events are meant to spark creativity and bring out our inner artists! So - grab your editing programmes, pencils, and maybe even a gluestick - and get ready! 

The first event is live now. Join in on the fun HERE.

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Moss wrote on 11-07 18:05:
Moss wrote:
The second summertime event is live! Check it out in the competitions section 
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Nnnjnnjbbbbbbbbbbh wrote on 28-06 14:27:
Nnnjnnjbbbbbbbbbbh wrote:
omg i love this game so much that all do anything
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Private wrote on 18-06 01:09:
Rochellette wrote:
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Melinddd wrote on 17-06 19:08:
Melinddd wrote:
ahhhh so nice
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Private wrote on 10-06 20:47:
Savage wrote:
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Godis wrote on 10-06 20:36:
Godis wrote:
It sounds fun and I really love this layout! 
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Moss wrote on 10-06 20:31:
Moss wrote:

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