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Send Items from WL extension!111-06-2024 21:04
MP sales list extension309-06-2024 14:40
Wardrobe Shortcut029-05-2024 07:17

 ReportSend Items from WL extension!
Can't believe I actually did it, here's chrome extension to:
1) Send items you have to someone directly from their wl page. 
2) Send items in batches

(Doesn't work with sets because damn it's even harder to code)

Here's how it works:

1) You drag and drop items in this new blue area 
2) Hit Send items button, you'll get new vp page for every item
(chrome will ask permission to open multiple tabs, just press ok or send items one by one)
3) Extension will automatically find every item and fill player's name
4) Enter your price and send item

You can get it here:

Installation guide is in my profile

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Enbette wrote on 11-06 21:13:
Enbette wrote:
It's almost completely failsafe, but if item wasn't found in your wd or search process stopped for some reason you can just refresh this wd page and it'll start searching again