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10 Things That Will Turn 10 Years In 2022 (by Private)

The K-pop song “Gangnam Style was released in July of 2012, went viral a month later, and became the most liked video on YouTube two months after the release of music video. On December 21 the same year, the music video became the first to reach 1 billion views, and was the most viewed video on the platform, having surpassed the music video for Justin Biebers “Baby”, featuring Ludacris, in late November. It stayed the most viewed video almost 5 years, until it was beaten by “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa, featuring Charlie Puth, in July of 2017. 


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Private wrote on 14-01 01:52:
Azriel wrote:
THE WII U ?????
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Toraix wrote on 13-01 20:09:
Toraix wrote:
my lost sanity is turning 10 this year
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Pixel wrote on 12-01 09:56:
Pixel wrote:
I just withered and died, spread my ashes at RainFurrest 2022
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Private wrote on 11-01 14:39:
Disposable wrote:
i'm old
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Private wrote on 11-01 14:02:
Rottomilko wrote:
oh god
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Emmienem wrote on 10-01 20:31:
Emmienem wrote:
The first article of 2022 is here! Is there anything else interesting turning 10 this year? Let me know in the comments! 

Also thank you to @Era for the layout!!

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