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The Danish Election (by Private)

On November 1st, Denmark voted for a new parliament. However, this election has been more entertaining and certainly more chaotic than most.

The (new) parties

This year, there were 14 parties fighting to get the 175 seats in the Danish parliament (there are actually 179 seats, but of the last 4, 2 are elected in Greenland and 2 on the Faroe Islands - more on that later). Of these 14 parties, an extraordinarily high amount was new, which meant no-one knew for sure how popular they would be. The parties usually sort themselves on a left-right scale, with 6 on the left (called red bloc) and 7 on the right (called blue bloc).

Let’s take a quick introduction to the parties, but for the sake of simplicity only focus on the four most important players this evening. Starting from the left we have:


Social Democrats

·    - Middle-left

·    - The party of the current prime minister

·    - Likes the idea of a broad coalition government with both left- and right-wing parties.

The moderates

·    - Middle party

·    - New party made by a former prime minister who used to belong to the party ‘Left’

·    - Wants to be in the middle and make a broad coalition government


·    - Despite the name, the party is middle-right

·    - One of the two main prime minister parties

·    - Wants blue prime minister


·    - Right-wing party

·    - The amount of support this election has varied a lot

·    - This election they also had a prime minister candidate

·    - Wants blue prime minister

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