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NT Magazine: January (by NewsTeam )

January is almost at an end, and it is almost unreal that the first month of 2023 is already finished. It has passed so fast with exams, and vacation for the lucky ones. A new year means new friends, new experiences and new habits. In NewsTeam, this newness has appeared in a new member, Cashmere, who has joined our team as a writer. Give Cashmere a warm welcome, we are very excited about the new addition to the team!
January is also the month where purposeful new habits in the form of New Year’s resolutions are truly tested, and we in NewsTeam hope that those of you who have New Year’s resolutions are still sticking to them. Further, we hope that you have all had a great start to 2023 and that it only will become even better as we go!

This month’s Mega Credit Week started on January 2nd and ended on January 9th. We got some beautiful sets designed by Eliah, Sas, Rye, Whydoiexist, Wishbone, Allie and Aske. The most popular set, according to the poll, was the 96 euro set designed by Aske. There were 8 female sets and 3 male sets. You can find all the sets here!

Following the MCW, we got an auction. The popdollar set was designed by Sandulet (nl) and the credit set was designed by Lilnorii (en).

This month saw no less than five competitions hosted by our two competitive teams...

The Event Team started off with a creative competition named ”The attack of OMEN”, in which OMEN stood for Organisation of Music-hating Egotistic Nobodies. In order to defend Virtual Popstar from these music-hating baddies, users had to put on their best battle gear, while still looking like popstars, to join the fight against the enemies. The best-dressed 12 female and four male winners each got their hands on a neat camouflage outfit, designed by Sailorpom. To see the outfits from VP’s fashionable army, check out this thread. 

ET’s second competition of the month was nature-themed, requiring users to show their appreciation for planet Earth in a collage. Titled ”We love Earth”, those who entered had to put together a collection of pictures representing not only their love for our planet, but also their own world. Due to the lack of participants, all 15 users who entered got the prize, a nature-inspired set designed by Eliah. To see all the entries, click here.

ET’s third and last competition hosted in January was called Modern Mythos, and was the latest in a long series of competitions with a Greek mythology theme. For this competitions, users had to take inspiration from a figure within Greek mythology to make an outfit that also included a modern twist. The lucky winners, who are yet to be announced, will each receive a copy of a heavenly set designed by Duchess. To see the entries, check out this thread.

The Social Media Team of course started off the month with their classic Who wore it best-competition. In this edition, users had to style a simple white t-shirt, in order to hopefully get their hands on the prize, a cute dog, designed by Joob. To see all the creative entries, including the 15 female and five male winners, who were announced on Tumblr, click here.

SMT’s second competition of the month was called Winter Wonderland, and required users to channel their inner winter spirit to make a winter-themed collage. The eight brave people who participated each received a flowery outfit designed by Rochellette. The winning entries, which were announced on Twitter, can be seen in this thread.

To flip the pages, press the bottom corner of the page, or use the drop-down menu at the top.

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nice! welcome, cashmere!!
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