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NT Magazine | February (by NewsTeam )

February is now over, and March marks the coming of spring. Soon the flowers will blossom, the leaves will be green again, and the sun will hopefully shine on us all. Just like the arrival of Spring, this magazine is also an important milestone: it is the 50th NewsTeam magazine! It is crazy to think that we have made so many magazines, and I am sure none of us had expected it to come so far when we made our first magazine at the end of January in 2019!

However, the 50th magazine and the end of February marks some sad changes for NewsTeam. Two of our beloved members, Atencia and Libertas, are leaving us after a long long time. These two have been such an integral part of NewsTeam the past few years, and it is very sad to lose them. We wish you all the best and are very excited to see what the future brings for you!


As always, the month kicked off with the Mega Credit Week. Since it was the month of love, most of the sets in the MCW were loved themed with plenty of heart items and red och pink coloured items. The Mega Credit Week was from January 30th to February 5th but eventually was extended with another week. If you are interested in taking a look at the sets then you can find them all in this forum. 

This month we also got new manager sets! There are matching sets for male and female accounts, both designed by Devlicake. If you want to take see what the new manager set looks like, click the “Manager” button on the top bar on the screen and then you find the items there.

A new game was added to Virtualpopstar by the start of February. Almost a year after the 2048 game was added we now finally got a new game, PacMan! Etjen has also hinted that we in the future will also get updated rules on the site. We are looking forward to the changes and updates of the site.

To flip the pages, press the bottom corner of the page, or use the drop-down menu at the top.

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Private wrote on 13-03 21:16:
Kofod wrote:
Themis wrote:
The code doesnt work
The code was time limited so it's probably expired
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Themis wrote on 10-03 22:38:
Themis wrote:
The code doesnt work
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Private wrote on 28-02 18:59:
Libertas wrote:
Talent wrote:
there was a new male manager set that matches the female one but otherwise love it!!
Sorry about that, a misunderstanding on my part!
We will try to fix that in a bit! <3
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Talent wrote on 28-02 18:40:
Talent wrote:
there was a new male manager set that matches the female one but otherwise love it!!
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Private wrote on 28-02 18:11:
Libertas wrote:
February really flew by... And so did the years in NT 

Love you NT 

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