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NT Magazine | December (by NewsTeam )

It is the last day of 2022 and what a year it has been. COVID restrictions got lifted in many countries and we thought we could finally go back to normal, but that unfortunately was not the case as the war in Ukraine would affect us all in different ways. 

It has also been an unusual year on Virtualpopstar; Shadowjess stepped down as Admin and we got two new Admins which later resigned as well, Jess came back as Admin and Clavicle also became a new Admin. In 2022 we also got new moderators, new ET members, new SMT members, new YT members and other new team members in the different teams as well. The VP year has been a rollercoaster with both ups and downs and probably some loops too.

Furthermore we wanted to take this opportunity to share that we in the News Team have posted once every week as well as the monthly magazine the last day of every month, but during 2023 we will no longer be doing weekly articles. These will instead pop up now and then, while the magazine will of course still be published every month. We are hoping that we can post more articles in the future again. 

From the members of NT, we wish you all a happy new year and hope that 2023 will bring you many happy moments!


This month's mega credit set week ran from 28th of November to 4th of December. This time there were a total of eight sets for females, including two bonus sets. The sets were designed by Rye, Areximache, Wishbone, and Masilein, and featured everything from Cleopatra-inspired items and colourful sporty gear to classy jackets and cute plushie bags. According to the poll conducted in the thread, the most popular set was the 48€ bonus set, designed by Masilein. Unfortunately there were no sets for males this time round, but you can see all the female sets here.

To flip the pages, press the bottom corner of the page, or use the drop-down menu at the top.

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LeleDE wrote on 29-01 00:14:
LeleDE wrote:
Thanks for the magazine ♡
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Private wrote on 01-01 13:18:
Nuola wrote:
happy new year!
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Private wrote on 31-12 20:52:
Hortensia wrote:
happy new year!!!
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Private wrote on 31-12 17:06:
Kofod wrote:
Oh I love the covers! Very New Year!

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