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The Election of the President of the European Parliament (by Private)

The president of the European parliament could be described as the speaker of the European parliament, but they also have a few extra tasks and usually come along when the president of the European Commission and the president of the European council have meetings in a way to represent the European Parliament and all the Europeans. On January 11th the president of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, sadly passed away very suddenly which left the European Parliament and his colleagues in grief. David Sassoli, from Italy, died at the age of 65 due to a serious complication due to a dysfunction of the immune system.

David Sassoli (from the Socialists & Democratic group, S&D) had announced that he wouldn’t run for a third term and a new president would have been elected later this year. However, with the sudden death, each political group in the EP announced their candidate around a week after Sassoli’s death. There were four candidates this time; Roberta Metsola (from the European People’s Party, EPP) from Malta, Alice Bah Kuhnke (from the Greens/European Free Alliance, Greens/EFA) from Sweden, Kosma Złotowski (from the European Conservatives and Reformists, ECR) from Poland and Sira Rego (The Left) from Spain. They had an intense week with a lot of hearings and questioning by the different political groups in the EP before the voting in the European Parliament. Kosma Złotowski withdrew their candidacy on the last day which left only three candidates for the final vote. Around a week after Sassoli’s passing, on January 18th, the voting for the new president was held. Each candidate had a chance to speak before the vote and tell the members of the European Parliament about their plans and goals if they would get elected. Then it went on to the voting, usually, the voting process of a new president is done anonymously on paper but due to the pandemic the MEPs had to vote anonymously with the voting buttons on their seats. For a new president of the EP to be elected the candidate needs to get an “absolute majority” which means that at least 50% + 1 needs to vote for the candidate. There are currently 705 MEPs which means to get an absolute majority the candidate would need to get at least around 354 votes.

The final result was 458 votes on Roberta Metsola, 101 votes on Alice Bah Kuhnke and 57 votes on Sira Rego. Roberta Metsola from Malta thus was elected the new President of the European Parliament. Later the same day the 14 new vice-presidents were also elected.

A bit short about Roberta Metsola, she is born in Malta on January 18th 1979 which makes her the youngest President of the European Parliament in history. She is the third-ever female President of the European Parliament but also the first-ever Maltese that has the role. Roberta Metsola is married to Ukko Metsola since 2005 and they have 4 children. Metsola is a member of the Nationalist Party which is one of the major parties in Malta.
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Private wrote on 25-01 19:33:
Libertas wrote:
Some political news, both sad and happy! 🇪🇺

Thank you Kofod for the lovely layout! 💙

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