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Mod Applications: 2020 (by SarKastic )

Hey Everyone! The Mod Squad is looking to add a few members to our team. You may be asking yourself before you decide to apply or not, "What exactly does a mod do?"

Being a moderator is a constant job that requires a lot of extra time and commitment to be put into the website. Your daily job is to respond to any reports that you may receive and decide what punishment you deem correctly fits. Whether that is writing out a warning, time out, or just simply closing it. In addition to doing that you have a constant job of monitoring the threads and shouts for anything that may be inappropriate. As well as dealing with any situations that you may be mailed, which can be a variety but some of our most common ones can be seen in our scenario part of the application. Teamwork is something we don't take lightly because you will be working with all of the mod squad every day when it comes to dealing with any problems that may arise. Remember, things get really intense, and you will probably face the most criticism out of all the teams on the site. There has even been death threats sent to mods before. If you don't think you can handle it, please be honest and don't apply. The more extreme side is rare, but we do want to give a heads up so you know what you're getting yourselves into. I hope this has cleared up any confusion and answers your questions! If you have any more please feel free to post below.

In order to become a mod, you must meet a few criteria before hand. Applicants must:
- Have no warnings in the past 3 months or TO's in the past 6 months. If you are unsure about your history, please message a mod and we can check for you. 
- Be 16+ years old. 

Please send all Applications in this format to @ModSquad  
Topic (subject): Mod App- Your username
ex. Mod App- Photosynthesis
Deadline for applications is Monday June 8th 2020 @ 11:59pm EST 
We also ask you to please not get help from other users or past moderators as it is hard to judge if you are the one truly answering the questions. We want to make sure every moderator is prepared for scenarios that may happen.  

If you have any questions, please post them here or feel free to message any of the current mods. We aren't sure yet on how many new mods we will be accepting, it will depend on the amount of applications. 


When did you join the website?:
What languages can you speak fluently?:
Do you have Discord?:
On average, how much time do you spend on the site? (please don't say all the time):
At what times are you most likely to be on the site?:
Is there anything we should know about? (Referring to school & work schedules):
In your opinion, how would you rate your behavior on the website on a scale from 1-10? (1 being the worst and 10 being a perfect angel):
Why do you want to be a mod?:
What are some things you would like to change or improve while being a mod?:
What are some of your biggest strengths and weaknesses when it comes to vp and working with people?:


Please answer all scenarios to the best of your ability and professionally. 

1) Lizzie McGuire and Kate Sanders are both mods. Kate always comments about how Lizzie’s outfits are so last season while constantly reminding her how incredibly popular she is. Lizzie and her best friend, Miranda Sanchez, have been speaking about how Kate doesn’t eat carbs unless an Italian boy will buy it for her. Arguments about the comments that have been made from both parties have followed to mod chat causing a hostile environment. Lizzie and Kate also have apposing views when it comes to the new rules that are being proposed and are unable to ever agree. How do they keep a professional environment and continue to work together as well as settle the rule disagreement?

2) You log on to vp and notice that you are the only mod online, you also notice a controversial thread is up. Eleven has made a thread stating friends don’t lie, her friend Mike also agrees with her. Two other vp users, Lucas and Dustin, disagree which has caused several pages of back and forth argument. While reading through you also notice Lucas has called Eleven a freak a few pages back in the thread. When do you know when to draw the line with their argument?

3) The new mods have been announced which has caused comments questioning the choices that have been made. Shortly after the announcement of Rachel, Joey and Phoebe being chosen, multiple threads and StarTalks indicate accusations of bias towards one person in particular. The community seems to think that Rachel was only chosen because her BFF and roommate, Monica, who is also a moderator showed bias to Rachel during the application process. What actions would you take to resolve this situation? 

4) Bella Goth was called a THOTpocket on VP by the Caliente sisters and Don Lothario. Instead of only having drama in VP messages and threads, the drama continued when Mortimer Goth and Bella Goth joined forces to retaliate by direct messaging threats to Don and the sisters on The sisters and Don then returned to VP and posted screenshots of what was said for all of the public to see. In the thread, the Goths claim to have again received messages from the Caliente family and Don Lothario that were less than friendly. What is your course of action when something occurs on VP but then continues off of VP? How would you handle this altogether?

5) You return to vp after a two hourbreak offline to be greeted with 7 tagged messages and 15 reports waiting for you. When you try to look into what has happened you realize the thread has been deleted. While looking at the reports you realize a fight had gone down in a controversial thread about women getting plastic surgery to modify their looks. You notice in a report the user Cesare has tagged the user Bianca in his post saying Bianca had the the fakest boobs on all of gsm #fakeB$#$%. The next report deals with the user Bianca’s reply saying that Cesare is a jealous [email protected]#$ and that she is stealing all his clothes from his closet with Cesare’s final comment saying she better go back to Dr X because she might have sprung a leak after 6 years. How do you take on this situation when you have no thread to look back on?

6) Angelica Pickles has just joined Virtual Popstar. She has created multiple threads stating that she deserved the new limited edition Cynthia doll. Her tantrums continue and she begins to call everyone “dumb babies” as they tell her to stop. You give her the correct consequence for her actions. Shortly after, Angelica messages you explaining that she is unaware of the rules so she shouldn’t be punished. What do you do?

Click HERE to check out the forum if you have any questions! Can't wait to see who applies, and we look forward to seeing some of you in bootcamp ;) 

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Private wrote on 21-05 14:08:
Archangel wrote:
Amazing Era layout as always
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Private wrote on 21-05 14:08:
Archangel wrote:
Amazing Era layout as always
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Private wrote on 20-05 15:27:
Chlorine wrote:
Good luck to everyone who apply!🤩
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Private wrote on 18-05 19:13:
Luminescence wrote:
this layout is so aesthetically pleasing 
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Private wrote on 18-05 18:20:
Era wrote:
Totally not expecting Mod Apps 
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Private wrote on 18-05 18:09:
Limited wrote:
Uh, I’m excited! 
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Private wrote on 18-05 18:07:
Horcrux wrote:
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SarKastic wrote on 18-05 18:03:
SarKastic wrote:

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