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The Teams of VP: Forum Team (by Moss )

Welcome to the fourth article in the series about the teams on VP. This time we will take a look at Forum Team, or FT for short. 

As suggested by the name, the purpose of FT is to engage with VP users in the forum section. Every month, the members of the team create a bunch of different discussion threads with themes ranging from Eurovision to animals and everything in between, as well as threads with forum games. All of the forums can be found in the special Forum Team section of the forums.
Beside these threads, FT is also in charge of updating a bunch of recurring forums like the Diamond Member Speculation thread and the New Codes forum. 

Members of the FT are easily recognised by their pink speech bubble badge: 

Following are interviews with three of the team's members; Lily, Limited and Luminescence. Click on the text bubbles with their name to read more about their experiences with and the inner workings of the team - and maybe might be some good advice for future applicants to FT.

Here's all the Forum Team members!

Top row, from left: Vissy, Scoff, Snusmumrikken and Vig
Bottom row, from left: Lily, Levana, BloomCissi, Luminescence, Limited and Tut

How long have you been part of the team?
Since December 2017. So it's 2,5 years now!

What are the requirements for being part of the team?
The requirements at the beginning wasn't really.. anything. We made it a rule to make 2 threads a month which is kind of little in my opinion. It's also required to make a task every second month. The task is either updating the DM thread, making a thread about HOF and WOF or the monthly auction. So everything combined it's 3 tasks to make every second month and 2 task the other. It's not too much to ask for and mostly people do more than required which makes me glad.

What type of forums do you prefer to make?
Random ones, mostly positive ones that spreads joy rather than discussions.

What is your favourite thing about the team?
It's like a family. I really like forum team because of it's amazing members. Most of them are doing great and I can rely on them doing as they should. It feels good, as long as you don't have to chase some people for not doing their required tasks.

Anything else you can share about what goes on behind the scenes that maybe isn't too obvious?
No not really ^^

What is the best advice you can give to someone who aspires to be a part of FT?
Communication is the key. Real life always comes first and if you cannot participate in an event, do your tasks or threads, it's okay. As long as you tell your time, otherwise I do bite.

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Moss wrote on 28-05 23:02:
Moss wrote:
Hypoxic wrote:
umm this layout is gorgeous !!
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Private wrote on 28-05 18:41:
Horcrux wrote:
umm this layout is gorgeous !!
Report | Quote | X
Lilik974 wrote on 28-05 16:02:
Lilik974 wrote:
Wow ♡♡♡♡
Report | Quote | X
Moss wrote on 28-05 08:18:
Moss wrote:
Chlorine wrote:
This is ART @Moss 😍
Krbtkdktj THANK YOU 😭🥺
Report | Quote | X
Chat0yant wrote on 28-05 02:43:
Chat0yant wrote:
Thank you for all you do @ForumTeam   and for these cute articles!
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Private wrote on 28-05 00:49:
Chlorine wrote:
This is ART @Moss 😍
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Private wrote on 27-05 23:39:
Archangel wrote:
What a lovely article! Super cute layout and well answered questions 
Report | Quote | X
Callum wrote on 27-05 18:47:
Callum wrote:
it was nice to hear more about FT, nice!
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 27-05 18:24:
Luminescence wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Moss wrote on 27-05 17:36:
Moss wrote:
Thank you al so much for the compliments on the Layout  It was fun to learn more about forum team! 
Report | Quote | X
Baileyyrosee wrote on 27-05 17:14:
Baileyyrosee wrote:
omg obsessed with this layout! 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 27-05 17:07:
Limited wrote:
What a stunning layout! 🔥
Report | Quote | X
Libertas wrote on 27-05 15:36:
Libertas wrote:
Once again, the layout is stunning!! 
Report | Quote | X
Private wrote on 27-05 15:34:
BloomCissi wrote:
I absolutely love the layout! 
Report | Quote | X
Vissy wrote on 27-05 14:38:
Vissy wrote:
Oh I like that you chose that outfit I had on hehe and nice article and very pretty layout 😁
Report | Quote | X
SarKastic wrote on 27-05 14:34:
SarKastic wrote:
Can we appreciate this lovely layout for a sec!?
Report | Quote | X
Allie wrote on 27-05 14:17:
Allie wrote:
Report | Quote | X
Cimorene wrote on 27-05 14:02:
Cimorene wrote:
Hopefully you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about ForumTeam. And thank you very much to Lily, Limited and Luminescence for participating! 

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